DeSantis SOTU response steeped in historic racism – I really can’t believe he still does this

Governor Ron DeSantis is now crossing lines that NEVER should be crossed in American politics. While Democrats loved to pick on Donald Trump and say he was racist, I am not sure he ever did something this blatant MONTHS after the history was pointed out. Usually Trump would do something outrageous, be called out and move on to the next thing. Not DeSantis – He doubles and triples down on everything.

So outrageous was the introduction several months ago by the Governor of a symbol associated with Governor Moseley for the express purpose of saying “we in Florida reject the Federal Government because we want to keep our slaves,” I gave the Governor too much deference, assuming he did not know the history.

So at the time myself and other took great pains to point out the history.

We did a podcast explaining the use of this flag and motto, and I at the time again tried to give DeSantis the benefit of the doubt.

But here he is, back again using it as direct response to President Biden’s speech in which he sought to unite the nation and western alliance against the aggression of Russia while making clear our responsibilities here at home.

But then again, we know Governor DeSantis views democracies who are allies of the US like Canada and Australia as greater threats to us than dictatorships like Russia. He’s made that clear, no matter how much he tries to spin in the last 24 hours, our says one thing and then thinks he’s satisfied the critics.

His use of this flag and motto is deeply offensive and steeped in the history of Florida’s resistance to the Federal Government on slavery. That is the bottom line, and DeSantis using it as performance art to go after the President is beyond shameful- I don’t even have a world for it quite honestly.

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