DeSantis adds France to checklist of western democracies he insults

Our Governor is proving once again that despite being Democratically elected himself (albeit with plurality not a majority) he has contempt for western leaders of all ideological stripes that represent democracies and republics.

Wednesday, Governor DeSantis added the US’ oldest ally, France to his checklist of nations that are western democracies he attacks. France it should be noted lost about a third of their prime age male population in World War I, so the idea they’d just surrender doesn’t quite jive with that reality.

France joins Australia and Canada on the DeSantis western democracy enemies list.

I have spent a lot of time studying the fall of France in 1940 and the Vichy Regime and personally feel France’s quick capitulation was down to five factors:

Right-wing politicians who were 1) Anglophobic 2) Antisemitic 3) Sympathetic to fascism 4) Socially conservative 5) Didn’t like the French Republic.

Creating Vichy gave them an opportunity to impose a rigid Anti-British, Fascist, socially repressive state that actually volunteered to send Jews off to their deaths BEFORE even requested by Hitler.

France was liberated in 1944 thanks in large measure to American troops. The French Republic sent this memorial to the State of Florida in 1948, thanking us. It is just blocks from the Governor’s mansion.

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