DeSantis imports to the state are what is really treading on Florida

Last week, Governor DeSantis unveiled a new way to raise money – selling “don’t tread on Florida” bumper stickers and flags. Not so ironically the biggest promoters of these items were outside of DeSantis himself, non-Floridians.

Regular readers of this site will know that for years, I have harped on how I believe GOP economic policies have contributed directly to the dumbing down of Florida.

The failure of Republicans to attract professional jobs to the state has created this situation. Instead the Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis administrations have focused on luring “McJobs”to state. The goal is to attract new residents likely to vote Republican while chasing our best and brightest away from the state. It is in its own way a “replacement theory,” something the right-wing is fond of claiming in the most racist manner, is happening to America.

For example, no metropolitan area in the country with over two million people swung as heavily away from the Democrats nationally since 2012 as the Tampa/St Pete area has. This is not an accident – it is completely by design.

On Sunday, Governor DeSantis told FOX News’ Maria Bartiromo (speaking of dim bulbs) that he is creating an incentive program to attract unvaccinated workers to Florida.

I’m sure our readers already know the details of this proposal from the Governor so no need to dive deeper into it. But let’s remind our readers of few other items.

Florida recently hired a Surgeon General from California. He has spread anti-vaccine falsehoods as recently as a press event on Thursday with the Governor standing by his side and also refused to wear a mask in the office of State Senator Tina Polsky who is currently suffering from Breast Cancer, something she had not made public until last week. And BTW, the Florida Senate which is run by GOPers does have a strict masking policy in the building which the Surgeon General choose to ignore.

The irony of all of this is the current US Surgeon General is from… Florida. Dr. Vivek Murthy grew up in south Florida, graduated from Palmetto High School as Valedictorian and still lives in Miami.

DeSantis’ Press Secretary Christina Pushaw is also from California (By the way, the current Pentagon spokesperson Rear Admiral John Kirby was born and raised in Florida and attended USF before heading to Annapolis). His handpicked Covid data scientist is a former College Football writer from Ohio. No doubt plenty of qualified Floridians were able to do these jobs.

Yet DeSantis chooses people from other states for top positions, with high salaries paid for by taxpayers. So who is really treading on Florida?

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