Gaslighting from the top – Governor DeSantis never does look at himself in the mirror, does he?

Florida has accounted for 17% of all US COVID deaths since June.

Meanwhile Governor DeSantis is using rhetoric reminiscent of the Southern Democrats during the Civil Rights era on his Twitter feed to go after the Biden Administration.

What is also true is DeSantis is gas-lighting. The reality is this – credible threats have been made against education professionals and school board officials throughout the country, including here in Florida. Anti-mask vigilantes have taken violent measures recently – heck Dave Trotter who has been a contributor to this site off and on was attacked physically by an anti-masker per his Twitter feed, last week. I am fairly confident this story repeats itself in multiple places.

We’ve seen political violence escalate in the last 13 months as kidnapping plot in Michigan and January 6 clearly demonstrate. Attorney General Garland is merely giving federal agents the power to protect officials from potential violence.

Ordinary free speech and dissent are always welcome in our Republic. Political violence is not.

It is ironic however, that Governor DeSantis who signed anti-protest legislation earlier this year (which has been blocked for now by the action of a Federal Judge) is touting the need to respect dissent and free speech.

He never does look at himself in the mirror, does he?

Projection and keyboard vigilantism is a specialty of the DeSantis-Trump wing of the GOP, but unfortunately this leads to real vigilantes taking the streets. That is why Attorney General Garland has had to act.

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