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Trump’s South Carolina Boeing visit an insult to organized labor

On Twitter, I threw out the feeling that I thought President Trump was visiting the Boeing facility in South Carolina to highlight American manufacturing jobs because it was non-union. Funny how Trump is visiting Boeing’s union-busting South Carolina facility not the one in Washington. — Kartik Krishnaiyer (@kkfla737) February 17, 2017 //   I’ve theorized […]

Audio: Historic cross-continent soccer tour begins next week in St Petersburg before heading to Orlando and points beyond

Steve Bernasconi, the longtime communications guru with the Fort Lauderdale Strikers (who also worked with me at the NASL in 2012 and 2013) is embarking on a historic cross-continent eight month journey to explore the sport and the culture around it. The tour is about soccer but so much more – the sport has attracted […]

Democrats need to acknowledge security issues and anxieties before 2018 election

The excesses and arrogance of Donald Trump’s Administration and clownish behavior seem to have made Democrats forget why they lost the 2016 election. White working class voters abandoning the Democrats en masse  were due in large measures to economic concerns – but security issues also played a role. While Trump’s push on this issue might […]

Fort Lauderdale Strikers on the brink – Part II The ethics of the Strikers’ demise, USSF leadership and the future

In part I of our series we gave an overview of the numerous events that led to a point where the Fort Lauderdale Strikers will not participate in the 2017 NASL season.  But the club is not dead yet and are in the process of formulating plans for the future. While for some clubs taking […]

Could Trump negatively impact Florida’s tourism industry?

Donald Trump’s elevation to the Presidency is no doubt impacting the reputation of the United States abroad. Last week, a group of soccer supporters in Vancouver that regularly travel to away games in the US stated they would not organize trips south of the border (even to nearby Seattle or Portland) this season due to the […]

What we are reading: Shark-fin trade in Florida targeted in senate bill

From The Orlando Sentinel, Senator Travis Hutson (R-Elkon) is filling a bill to cut down on the trade and possession of shark fins in Florida. As someone who avoids any restaurant or merchant that partakes in this trade, I applaud this legislation.

Palm Beach – the new epicenter of the (alternative) conservative media

President Donald Trump has put Palm Beach squarely on the global political radar. But Trump’s election is just the latest event that has helped to make Palm Beach County – once reliably Democratic and liberal the epicenter of a new conservative world. Newsmax publisher Christopher Ruddy’s appearance on CNN’s indispensable Reliable Sources on Sunday emphasized […]

What we are reading: Why the Democrats can’t obstruct their way to power

An excellent piece of analysis from Aaron Blake of the Washington Post.  A big takeaway is that a bare majority of House districts voted for Donald Trump and the GOP nominee for Congress (218).  A minority (217) voted for some combination that included Democrats – either . Thanks to Congressional gerrymandering after the 2010 GOP wave, […]

What we are reading: Richard Rorty’s prescient warnings for the American left

The poignant warnings from Rorty who passed a decade ago conveyed by Vox Media’s Sean Illing. This piece draws interesting contrasts and makes you really think about the drift of modern liberalism and progressiveness. Well worth a read whether you agree or disagree (once upon a time liberals sought different viewpoints and explanations to come to […]

What we are reading: Stephen Bannon’s words and actions don’t add up

This article is particularly interesting when expanded upon during Fareed Zakaria’s GPS program on CNN. Stephen Bannon and Donald Trump have been for a generation enabled by a break down in traditionalism even though they have made a case that they are the guardians of America’s traditionalism. Here is the full column from The Washington Post.