Marco Rubio – Florida’s shame

Cuban dictator/revolutionary/leader, etc Fidel Castro passed away in the wee hours Saturday. The Castro legacy divides Floridians more than others – the large Cuban exile community in southeast Florida loathed the man while many on the left have noted that Castro was a freedom fighter against a right-wing dictatorship that was propped up by the United States and large corporations.

Without getting into a debate about Castro’s legacy, for a man who wanted to be President, Marco Rubio cannot separate his personal emotion and views from attacking heads of state personally on Twitter. It’s really unbecoming behavior from a US Senator and man who very might still be President of the most powerful nation on earth in the near future.



With these two statements about Prime Minister Trudeau and President Obama, Rubio once again demonstrated he lacks the temperament and judgement to lead. But of course Rubio would react with unhinged emotion today as he previously had embellished his own family’s story to try and create some sort of unified experience with those who fled Castro’s rule. But in reality, Rubio’s family had fled Cuba before Castro came to power.

Rubio might not realize (or conveniently forgets) that the United States under his favorite President Ronald Reagan propped up more brutal governments than Cuba’s in Latin America (including the infamous Pinochet regime in Chile) and supported the apartheid government in South Africa (though many GOP members of Congress in fairness including Newt Gingrich opposed this Reagan/Thatcher policy). Fidel Castro opposed those governments, supported Nelson Mandela and has a different legacy among people of color around the globe than he does among Cuban-American exiles or right wing politicians in Florida. It’s also worth remembering Canada has had an open and fruitful relationship with Havana for many years now. Also it is worth noting British Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn hailed Castro today as a “champion for social justice.”

As evidenced above divergent views about Castro exist even within western societies. Regardless of whether you agree with the leftist or right-wing analysis of Castro’s legacy, Rubio’s decision to publicly berate two heads of state because this disagree with them shows an immaturity unbecoming of an individual who holds high public office.

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  1. Patti Lynn · ·

    Living in South Florida, residents hear only that all of Cuba’s people, other than the elitist government, are oppressed. Reading Trudeau’s comments, and knowing that Cuba maintained positive relations with many other governments, I, for one, have to wonder: Is it only South Florida’s Cuban community that disparages the current Cuban government???


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