Indian River Lagoon being destroyed (perhaps intentionally?) in Rick Scott’s Florida

By Stephen B Calvert Clariosophic (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Stephen B Calvert Clariosophic (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Last week we discussed the continued struggles for the Caloosahatchee River  and the lagoon area in Lee County that is part of the river.

This week it’s the Indian River Lagoon which has been endangered for years but has been far from a priority of state government. WMFE has an outstanding feature on the current crisis in the Lagoon.  Meanwhile the station also reports the water quality is getting worse and worse. 

Last week, Brevard Counties paper of record The Florida Today published a scorecard judging lawmakers efforts to save the Lagoon.  Is it any shock that all but one of the seven legislators scored from the area (all Republicans) got an “F” from paper.

Republicans in Rick Scott’s Florida don’t even put local interests and the local economy over ideology. The failure of lawmakers from Brevard and Indian River Counties to safeguard the lagoon which is the very lifeblood for their communities is incredulous. But they’re simply taking the lead from their Governor and spending taxpayer money in Tallahassee pushing ideological talking points and in many cases simply having too good a time to worry about the folks and environment back home.

Governor Scott who denies Climate Change is occurring seems determined to drain resources from Florida and reward lobbyists buddies and campaign contributors by soiling Florida’s lands and hunting recklessly. Considering Florida is facing a ticking-time bomb, Scott’s attitude might be more than negligence – it very well could be a concerted effort to destroy the land we have in this state and our fragile ecosystem in the little time we have left.

The Governor has lived in Florida for barely a decade and those he’s aligned with politically are more concerned about personal ego, self-fulfillment and short-term business interests than the long-term health and welfare of this state.

While The Florida Today notes that local governments and authorities are not doing enough to save the Lagoon their actions look downright aggressive and proactive when contrasted with that of the state and legislators from the area.

Under Governor Scott and this GOP legislature we’ve long known water quality, growth management and environmental preservation were not priorities. But now we have to begin to wonder if Scott and his legislative allies are in fact sabotaging the land, looking to reward campaign contributors and political cronies in the little time left before Florida’s ecosystem falls into final disrepair?

It’s worth thinking more about whether or not Scott and his allies are actively seeking to destroy the state’s land and water.


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  1. Sign and share this petition for Justice to investigate and indict Rick Scott and Associates for corrupt racketeering, constitutional violations, and statewide ecocide.


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