Robotic race-baiting, McCarthyite Rubio remains a real danger to American values

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 2.08.25 PMFor weeks now we’ve focused on Marco Rubio’s world view – a anti-intellectual right-wing political hack who will say or do anything to be President. Rubio is someone who lacks the basic understanding of macro policy or the intellectual curiosity about the problems of the people to actually do the job he was elected to do. Rubio’s use of modern-day McCarthyite techniques to determine the Americanism of those who oppose him is admirable if you come from the William F. Buckley schools of accusing everyone on the left of being a communist or subversive but have no place in modern American political discourse.

As our numerous articles on Rubio indicate Florida’s Junior Senator has Nixonian qualities and a lack of tolerance for those who don’t share his views of America – or maybe it is perhaps his advisors and handlers views because Rubio as noted above lack the free thinking skills to stray too far off programmed platitudes. After all, Joe McCarthy himself could never stray very far from what he was told because it was obvious he could not think for himself nor actually name any real-life communists in the army.

Those who watched Saturday night’s GOP Debate saw Rubio at his finest early on when peppered by Chris Christie – his insecure obsession with President Obama, his inability to stray off pre-programmed lines, his unwillingness to engage in the nitty gritty of policy discussion and his inability to actually comprehend the questions asked to him were all on display. But beyond the bumbling idiot was a dangerous figure, a modern-day McCarthyite trying to deliver lines to the masses to incite fear and a certain degree racial hatred.

While the media has focused on the repetitive nature of Rubio’s incoherent babbling, the substance has been ignored. Rubio once again essentially accused the sitting President of the United States of treason.  It should be noted the charge of treason carries with it a death sentence if proven. Rubio, a lawyer this morning has claimed that President Obama “Barack Obama is the first president, at least in my lifetime, that wants to change the country. Change the country!”

This comes just weeks after Rubio made the direct claim of treason in front of a New Hampshire audience saying that Obama has

              “deliberately weakened America”

So either Senator Rubio has direct proof which he needs to share with law enforcement authorities as to the current President committing treason or he is indicating that if you do not share HIS vision for the country you in fact committing treason. It is obvious to those who think freely what the answer is – Rubio seeks to malign anyone who disagrees with him in a very Nixonian way. He much like those around Nixon has perfected the use of racist code language to try and mobilize angry voters.

Last week we wrote that Rubio is a worthy heir to racist politicians of yesteryear like Senator James Eastland (D-Mississippi) and Senator Jesse Helms (R-North Carolina). Rubio’s implication about President Obama is deeply racist – he wants to paint the picture of a radical African-American leftist who find more in common with anti-colonial movements than America itself. Rubio’s rhetoric about Obama echoes that of disgraced conservative author Dinesh D’Souza who was able to take race-baiting to a new level with his book and movies.

The irony is when we are discussing the idea of compromising American security, chances are Rubio would be about as bad a President as any of us have ever seen. And his vision of America is one where you agree with him or you are trying to weaken the nation.

Rubio has put his own ideological or personal considerations with regards to Cuba and Iran over national security. He has taken the side of foreign governments that seek to influence American policy rather than either backing American policy or giving constructive, non-politicized critiques of this administration. He has not adhered to the policy of stopping  critiques at water’s edge. He has not been willing to limit his dissent for the greater good.

If Rubio were a Senator during World War II, he would have accused the Roosevelt Administration of weak prosecution of the war, would have demanded an American invasion of Western Europe earlier and likely would have been a vicious critic of General Eisenhower’s brilliant mixing of diplomacy and political considerations with military strategy. I can point to several instances in the war where Eisenhower’s handling of matters rankled right-wingers in the military, but those leaders like George S. Patton didn’t have a political mouthpiece back home willing to articulate their concerns.

Marco Rubio let us not forget is a man who even used his recent purchase of a handgun to justify his politically motivated view that America has been left (deliberately) unsafe by the current President.  This was another subtle implication of treason to be used against President Obama and more race-baiting as the suburban white family needs a gun to protect itself from the African-American President. In fact Rubio’s statement was reminiscent of similar ones given by Mississippi’s State Sovereignty Council members in the 1960’s about protecting white women from black men. While many in the media saw Rubio’s comments as laughable the real agenda was 1960’s style southern-state race-baiting and Rubio delivered his lines masterfully for the intended audience.

The Presidency is meant to be a place for mature, accomplished leadership. While we at TFS tend to not agree with Republican politicians ideologically many would make decent and mature leaders for this nation – including multiple candidates currently running for President on the GOP side. But Marco Rubio is not one of them and is a clear mismatch for the office. He has no business running for President, given his scant accomplishments and his unwillingness to to serve as a unifying figure of any sort. Years after our country moved beyond McCarthyism and racism, Rubio has sought to bring these themes back into the public square with his irresponsible rhetoric and attacks on the current occupant of the White House. Rubio’s contribution to this debate has been to raise the volume and finger point. He’s proven incapable of the sort of mature leadership many in the media felt he could provide.

Since Senator Rubio has proven time and again he cannot make independent judgements about foreign policy without strong political or ideological considerations, how can he be trusted to keep our nation safe? The simple answer – he cannot.


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