Podcast: Charlie Crist Announces and Election Night 2013

On this edition of the Florida Squeeze podcast Kartik Krishnaiyer, Steven Kurlander, Ryan Ray and Justin Snyder discuss a potpourri of topics including:

  • Charlie Crist’s announcement of his candidacy for Governor.
  • What is the future of Nan Rich’s campaign?
  • Will moderate Republicans abandon Rick Scott?
  • Mayor Bill Foster ousted in St Petersburg by Rick Kriseman.
  • Downtown business, redevelopment, the Tampa Bay Rowdies and pier in St Petersburg.
  • Will Democrats target Jeff Brandes State Senate Seat in 2014?
  • Chris Christie reelected in a landslide: What does it mean?
  • Will Joe Biden challenge Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic nomination?
  • Virginia’s closer than expected Governors Race.
  • Bill De Blasio and a new era of liberal and borough revival in New York City.
  • Much much more!


  1. I think you guys have been out of control in written word against Crist but this podcast was actually very good.


  2. Nan Rich and Rick Scott should be on the same line because a vote for Rich is a vote for Scott. If Democrats are dumb enough to vote for a Republican funded plant who cannot Even get most of the elected officials and important local Democrats in her own area to support her then we really do deserve to lose.


  3. […] week, we Squeezers discussed this seat as an ideal place from which to challenge the RPOF’s grip on the Senate. Brandes comes […]


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