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Zest of the Day: PPP Governor’s Poll Questionable?

An interesting read over at The Political Hurricane, where Dave Trotter has brought forward some critical analysis of the PPP Poll which was released yesterday.

Parent Trigger in California: False Promises and Failure

Since “parent-trigger” is making its way back through the process this week, it is important Floridians watch this video from California and recognize the failures of this same legislation in that state. In other school “choice” news, Bill Moyers has identified a number of voucher schools teaching creationism. Click on the map- it is no […]

Book Review: Reubin O’D. Askew and the Golden Age of Florida Politics

With the Florida Legislature again showing a limited depth and understanding of the state’s problems, I can find no better time than now re-run this book review, originally published at the Political Hurricane last year. Martin Dyckman who covered the Tallahassee scene for the St Petersburg Times from the 1960s until the 1990s, has written […]

Zest of the Day: Florida College System Brings Billions into State’s Economy

Interesting story about the Florida College System rom WCTV.

Zest of the Day: NY Times, In Florida, a Political Marriage Soured Before a Top Official Stepped Down

Not really shocking news here but a well woven story about the Carroll-Scott falling out from the NY Times.

Marco Rubio’s Going Back to the Future

Last week Senator Marco Rubio addressed the annual CPAC conference with tired classic GOP rhetoric. My colleague Lauren Schwartz gave an outstanding account of Rubio’s offensive and crass speech on Friday and her analysis opens up more questions about Rubio and where the GOP is headed. In 1996, the Republican nominee for President, Senator Bob […]

Memories of Larcenia Bullard

Senator Larcenia Bullard who passed away yesterday was always a pleasant figure and someone whose easygoing personality allowed figures of all political persuasions and both parties to work well with her. During Bullard’s House tenure she worked well with the Democratic Leadership, handling several pieces of legislation that passed. When my mother was the Legislative […]

Zest of the Day: By Crist’s side, Rouson remains

Interesting article this morning from the Herald-Tribune. This afternoon, we will have a tribute to the late Senator Larcenia Bullard who passed away yesterday.

Zest of the Day: Biotech Jobs Fleeing Florida

While Jeb Bush’s touts his “accomplishments” and “vision” to CPAC his promise to make Palm Beach County a Biotech hub has fallen flat. More evidence today from the Palm Beach Post.

Heard it Through the Groves: LG Candidates

Editors Note: Heard it Through The Groves is a section of the Florida Squeeze strictly for rumors and gossip. We require two sources to verify information before we publish it but these are NOT news stories but simply rumors. We urge our readers to treat rumors with a pinch of skepticism as we do. Jennifer […]