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#COVID-19 : Professional contact team sports returns in Florida- timing could not be worse

For anyone not predisposed to believe Governor DeSantis & President Trump’s spin on Coronavirus, it has been obvious since the first week of June that Florida was entering very dangerous territory. However, unfortunately we have learned in the past few weeks, too many Americans live in an alternate reality, be it out of blissful ignorance […]

The needless race to the bottom of Orlando City SC in four short MLS seasons (with additional writer’s note)

Editors note: In order to bring more robust and diverse content to TFS we’re beginning to increase the number of posts of travel, history, weather and sports. This long-form piece on Orlando City SC, which is the byproduct of years of reporting is part of that effort.  In reference to this piece a number of individuals […]

The time for Miami Beckham United is now

Four years ago, David Beckham attended a Miami Heat playoff game with future-Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure. Beckham who had just played his final professional soccer match with PSG was looking at cashing in on a provision to own a team. This item was placed  in his MLS contact which was signed in January 2007 . […]

St Petersburg’s MLS bid a winner

Last night in St Petersburg, the Tampa Bay Rowdies who currently play in the lower division USL launched a bid to join Major League Soccer, the top league in the United States and Canada. Orlando City SC has averaged over 30,000 fans in its first two MLS seasons and will move to a new stadium […]

Florida Soccer hitting a high point

Contrary to the wishes of many crusty old sports writers and conservative America-first types, soccer (or football as I call it) is here in the United States. The recent surge in popularity of the sport in this country which has been exemplified by the large dollar amounts NBC Universal paid for TV rights to the […]