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House Democrats and the 2016 campaign – Expanding the map a must for success

Florida’s Democrats have been through two plus weeks of introspection following the Election Night defeats. I personally came out strongly in favor of Allison Tant keeping her job as FDP Chairwoman and Rep. Mark Pafford becoming House Democratic Leader. Now that Pafford has to been confirmed as leader, a move we wholeheartedly support it is […]

Legislative Power Grab “Wage Theft” Vote Indicates the Strength of House Democratic Unity and Majority Party Arrogance

Yesterday’s legislative “wage theft” vote (HB1125) which is essentially another power grab by a “small government” “conservative” House showed the power of unity that the Democratic caucus has created over the past two months. Earlier this week I speculated about the cohesion of the caucus on the upcoming session defining votes. The Democratic caucus remained […]