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Holiday book recommendations: Kevin Phillips on the Bush family

Kevin Phillips, who was dubbed in 1995 by one of my Political Science Professors at the University of Florida as “the smartest Republican around,”  is widely viewed as the chief architect of the 1968 Nixon “Southern Strategy” which for 20 years remade the Presidential Electoral map. Beginning in that fall semester in 1995, I began […]

Florida Turns 500: When the State Almost Fell into Colonial British Hands

Today is the 500th Anniversary of Juan Ponce de León’s landing in Florida. The landing is believed to have been near the Fountain of Youth just north of St Augustine, and for historical purposes we will stick with that even though the landing may have been as far south as present day Brevard County. Today […]

The Politics of Oranges

This weekend I took a trip to St. Augustine with the USF chapter of the National Political Science Honor Society. This year is the 500th anniversary of Juan Ponce de Leon’s landing in Florida. Our faculty advisor, Distinguished Professor of Political Science and über Florida political analyst Dr. Susan MacManus, chose America’s oldest city as […]