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The Wyllie factor

Recent public polls in the Governor’s race have continued to show Libertarian Party Adrian Wyllie polling above 5% and even as high as 10% in some surveys. History however shows us that with the notable exception of the 1992 and 1996 pre-election polls, third party candidates tend to flame out on Election Day. Why is […]

Rick Scott’s “path to victory” leaving zero margin for error

In theory, Governor Scott has a shot at winning reelection. Public polling indicates the race is a dead heat, but the public polls are less relevant than the early and vote by mail totals as well as the actual developments on the ground in advance of Election Day. Three days ago, Steve Schale wrote a […]

2014 is Already Drastically Different than 2010 – Will that be enough?

The 2010 election has left a deep scar in the collective memory of progressives around the state. Although all over the county Democratic candidates faced the wrath of the then-powerful Tea Party, in Florida the effects particularly burned with the election of both Marco Rubio, Rick Scott and a full Republican cabinet, and a slew […]

Monday Musings: Vote by mail, Rubbish photo, Larry Pressler, South Dakota Senate Race, PBS

By the end of this week, about almost a million people will have already cast their ballots and while the Democrats are still far behind the Republicans in vote-by-mail, they are making important gains in all the right places. Even though that in-person voting is the overall preferred method of most democrats, there was a […]