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Monday Musings: Vote by mail, Rubbish photo, Larry Pressler, South Dakota Senate Race, PBS

By the end of this week, about almost a million people will have already cast their ballots and while the Democrats are still far behind the Republicans in vote-by-mail, they are making important gains in all the right places. Even though that in-person voting is the overall preferred method of most democrats, there was a […]

Charlie Crist could be running the most progressive gubernatorial campaign in over a quarter century

The era of partisan polarization appears complete when a man who won statewide office three times as a Republican is running the most progressive campaign for Governor of our state in at least a quarter century. Without question, Charlie Crist’s previous record as a leader in the state would put him to the right of […]

BFD: Charlie Crist Hires Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina

So, this happened. Former Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina has joined Charlie Crist’s gubernatorial campaign as announced via Charlie Crist’s Twitter feed and subsequent media reports. Many know Jim Messina for his work on both Obama presidential campaigns, but his resume also includes strategist to Britain’s Conservative  Prime Minister David Cameron during his last campaign. Messina is […]