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Why are Florida Hurricanes becoming more deadly?

Editors note: At the time of publishing the AP reported a Florida death toll from Michael of 16. Our own TFS count is 19 based on local sources, but either way the number is certain to rise as rescue efforts continue. Michael could go down as the deadliest or second deadliest Florida Hurricane since 1935, a […]

The politics of Michael – how past hurricanes impacted Florida’s elections

Hurricane Michael was a historic storm but just the latest to potentially impact Florida close to an election.

Michael in historical terms

As a veteran albeit amateur Hurricane watcher, I have a lot of adjectives to describe Michael. Let’s start   with historic, once-in-a-lifetime, scary, frightening, etc, etc. Below we’ll attempt to begin framing an educated discussion of this storm as we seek to create a dialogue about its impact in the coming weeks and months. In historically […]