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Comparing 2012 US Senate and Presidential Results

Bill Nelson earned a resounding re-election victory on November 6th running ahead of President Barack Obama (who also won the state) in all 67 counties. However, unlike 2006 when Nelson crushed the clownish Katherine Harris and won all but nine counties statewide, this go round his Republican challenger Rep. Connie Mack actually won the majority […]

Zest of the Day: Have Floridians Become Straight Ticket Voters?

Interesting analysis from Dave Trotter at “How the World Votes.” He hits some important voting trends in the state but also seems to ignore some other mitigating factors. Still a highly recommended read. I have noted more and more straight ticket voting in Florida since let’s say since the 1988 Election where George Bush got […]

Zest of the Day: Nelson “Considering” Run for Governor

Excellent breakdown piece from Jeremy Wallace in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Nelson’s potential strengths and weaknesses are dissected in this piece.

How much time does Bill Nelson have to make a decision? Longer than you may think.

Florida is alive with speculation that 70 year-old  US Senator Bill Nelson will jump into the Governor’s Race thus potentially saving the Democrats from a messy primary process and the possible nomination of former Governor Charlie Crist. Concern grows weekly that Crist’s political baggage  which continues to pile up could be fatal to any hopes […]

Zest of the Day: Adam Smith, Four reasons Bill Nelson should run for Florida governor — and four reasons he shouldn’t

Great column by one of the state’s leading political writers. Ultimately the longer this speculation drags out the more momentum a potential Nelson candidacy gathers, so he has no incentive to make a decision quickly. No question at some point he’ll hit a moment where if a decision is not made, the law of diminishing […]

Bill Nelson: Latter-Day Liberal?

Bill Nelson is far from my favorite Democrat. As a high school student in 1990, I campaigned tirelessly against Nelson for Lawton Chiles and Buddy MacKay in the Democratic Primary for Governor. In 1994, I voted for Karen Gievers in the primary for Insurance Commissioner (Nelson went on to win a close shave win over […]