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TFS Endorsements: School Board races from across the state

Today. we’re focusing on School Board races from across the state. Our recommendations include registered Democrats, NPA’s and GOPers. In many of the races we’ve recommended a candidate, a sensible or experienced education-minded candidate is being opposed by someone who either was recruited by, or sought support from the dangerous Moms for Liberty group. Other […]

TFS Endorsement: Tracie Davis for State Senate District 5

State Representative Tracie Davis is seeking to move to the State Senate to fill the seat being vacated by the term limited Audrey Gibson. Davis has been a good House member since joining the body after Rep. Reggie Fullwood’s filing snafu in 2016. She’s been a strong advocate for gun control, social justice and stood […]

Integrity Makes a Comeback – TFS Endorsement – Garrett Dennis for State House

Florida has become ground central for the corrupting influence of money in politics. While the state became well known for election irregularities in 2000, dark money has been deployed to drive the legislative election agenda for the past two decades.  Governor Ron DeSantis and Jacksonville mayor, Lenny Curry, the former Chairman of Florida’s GOP, have […]

TFS Endorsement – Michele Rayner for State Representative

Democratic Primary voters in House District 62 face a stark choice – back Michele Rayner’s attempt to stay in the House to lead the fight against divisive authoritarianism or return to the past transactionalism and conformity with an illiberal GOP majority which her opposition typifies. To say Rayner is a rock star in a legislature […]

TFS Endorsement – Travaris McCurdy for State House

Thanks to reapportionment, the race in HD-41, a reconfigured district has attracted many candidates, including sitting House member Travaris McCurdy and former Rep. Bruce Antone, who has already served 12 years in the House in two different stints. McCurdy is the kind of modern, activist and progressive Democrat, that is now thankfully emerging as a […]

TFS Endorsement: Angie Nixon for State Representative

Representative Angie Nixon has worked tirelessly in Tallahassee to not only represent Jacksonville in a way her predecessor, reactionary right-wing Democrat Kim Daniels failed to, but has stood out as a leader on issues of environmental and social justice. Nixon’s victory over Daniels in the 2020 primary in the former 14th district, was one of […]

TFS Endorsement – Lauren Alperstein for Circuit Court Judge Group 9 (Broward)

We generally don’t make recommendations in judicial races, but we are making an exception here because of how exceptional a candidate Lauren Alperstein is for Circuit Court in Broward County. Alperstein was the Lawyer of the Year from Legal Aid Service of Broward in 2021 and has excelled at raising contributions during this campaign from […]

TFS Endorsement — Josh Johnson for Leon County Commission

[TFS Editors’ note: the Squeeze’s endorsements are gaining notice including in the Tallahassee Democrat, the Capital City’s newspaper of record! Grateful for the recognition and their work keeping Tallahassee accountable and informed.] This week, we continue our look at critical 2022 elections in Leon County. We’ve discussed at some length the growing movement for reform […]

TFS Endorsement – Annette Taddeo for Congress, Democratic Primary CD-27

Thanks to Governor DeSantis unprecedented foray into the state’s redistricting process, in 2022 Congressional candidates are running on a map that is not only a partisan gerrymander – but has cut competitive seats in the state effectively to just one. That one seat is CD-27, currently held by first term GOPer Maria Elvira Salazar. We […]

TFS Endorsement – Will Crowley for Leon County Commission

Leon County’s second district is known for its rustic settings and unique electoral makeup. One of the only areas in the county with both strong GOP and Democratic presences, its sudden vacancy has made for an intriguing, yet solemn battleground. It was a place where the late Commissioner Jimbo Jackson long thrived and built a […]