TFS Endorsement: Angie Nixon for State Representative

Representative Angie Nixon has worked tirelessly in Tallahassee to not only represent Jacksonville in a way her predecessor, reactionary right-wing Democrat Kim Daniels failed to, but has stood out as a leader on issues of environmental and social justice. Nixon’s victory over Daniels in the 2020 primary in the former 14th district, was one of the great victories for accountability in government and working voters in the last decade.

A longtime community organizer before reaching the legislature, Nixon was uniquely prepared to go to Tallahassee and fight on the issues that matter most to Floridians – and to this website. Environmental justice, reproductive choice, civil rights, social justice, fairness in state spending and a host of other things. Her experience working with organized labor through the years also enhanced her ability to hit the ground running

Rep. Nixon’s strong leadership in the fight against Governor Ron DeSantis unprecedented intrusion into the state’s reapportionment process complemented her strong stands on issues of women’s rights and social justice. In addition, she’s been a tireless advocate for cleaner drinking water and helped lead opposition to FPL’s net metering initiatives that would have crushed affordable rooftop solar in this state.

TFS strongly recommends her renomination on August 23.

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