Florida, this is how we lose democracy

Today’s suspension of Hillsborough State Attorney, Andrew Warren, a twice-elected prosecutor who committed no crime, nor is accused of one should send chills down the spine of every Floridian.

For third time since becoming Governor, Ron DeSantis has removed from office an elected Democratic official in a large urban county he lost in 2018, who was not facing prosecution or did not commit a crime. DeSantis view is clear – voters are not to be trusted in selecting local officials if they conflict with DeSantis’ broader world view, which by the way isn’t a consistent one, because the Governor isn’t a conservative nor a populist, but meanders back in forth between ideologies, based on what is stimulating right-wing media at a given hour. His one true ideology is a desire to consolidate power in HIS HANDS.

Andrew Warren’s Statement

Back in April I wrote:

What would we call a place where the head-of-state does the following in one week:

  • Wades into drawing districts in an unprecedented manner for any head-of-state in this place. Draws district lines without input from the public or other elected officials and conflict with court rulings of the recent past.
  • Without public hearings, input or debate, proposes a major change to the governance and status of one of the largest economic drivers in the realm he governs. This is done squarely for retribution against a private corporation.
  • Expresses dissatisfaction with university accreditation so sets up alternate path for Universities so they can play politics with him.
  • Bans math (not English or History) textbooks from primary and secondary schools based on political ideology.
  • Threatens retributions again a company based elsewhere for not following his wishes as to the sale of the company.

Is this Idi Amin’s Uganda of yesteryear? Viktor Orbán’s Hungary? Bashar Assad’s Syria? Donald Trump’s USA? Vladimir Putin’s Russian Federation? Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Turkey? Nope…

It’s Ron DeSantis Florida in a single, sorry week.

DeSantis is no ordinary GOPer, nor an ordinary American politician. He is a man who consistently used the power of the state to crush the autonomy of local governments and private businesses. He has also very carefully constructed an image nationally that finds him the preferred choice to be President of the Murodch families media empire and several other conservative outlets. He’s so-well known now, that his name is regularly being raised voluntarily in focus groups of GOP voters in places like Pennsylvania and Arizona.

Never has Florida faced such a heavy handed leader, one whose disregard for dissent, established norms or the law is so extreme. One whose interpretation of the role of an executive, is akin to that of an absolute monarch in pre-Revolutionary France.

This is how democracy dies…


  1. Steve Schneider · ·

    DeSantis sex talk is a turnoff.



  2. Steve Schneider · ·

    I just got this email from Righteous Ron. Who writes this stuff?


    To call the trajectory of our nation under the Biden administration “disastrous” would be an understatement. Joe Biden has failed Americans at every turn and Democrats have been complicit in his destruction of our country.

    Biden’s failures are so glaring that his administration is past the point of explaining away his missteps to the American people. They are now actively changing definitions to spin the truth in favor of their false narratives.


    As a leader, you can’t simply manipulate your way to success. Instead of attempting to correct course and right his many wrongs in office, Biden is now just rewriting history — but Floridians aren’t falling for it.

    Just like we didn’t fall for their change in narrative on their description of the “mostly peaceful protests” occurring as cities burned to the ground, or declaring our southern border “secure” at the same time that our country is experiencing more illegal border crossings than ever before, or changing the definition of woman to pander to the woke ideological playbook.

    This isn’t anything new for the Biden administration or his corporate media lapdogs. They’ve been backtracking and running cover for Biden’s failures since he entered the Oval Office. It doesn’t take an expert to know that the crisis at our southern border is just that — a crisis. But you’ll never hear that term come from the White House or those reporting on the matter.

    Legacy media outlets actually sent an internal memo directing staffers to not call the record amount of illegal border crossings and floods of fentanyl into our state and country a crisis. They must be exhausted from constantly spinning on Biden’s never ending hamster wheel of redefining and story shifting and backtracking they’ve done in the past few years — we know the American people certainly are.


    The limit to the Left’s maniacal demolition of anything that doesn’t fit their twisted version of reality does not exist. As Floridians and Americans, we must stand up against this war on reality waged by a party so hellbent on power they can no longer recognize the difference between right and wrong.

    Governor DeSantis will always stand for the truth. There is no room for changing narratives and altering history in positions of leadership. And that is the difference between a leader and the Democrat Machine. Leaders seek the path that benefits the people they serve. The political Left seeks the path that benefits themselves.


    Democrats can continue on their woke rampage of redefining reality all they want, but they will never be able to rewrite the way Americans have been impacted by their bad policy. Come November, you have a choice: freedom or tyranny. Governor DeSantis’s number one priority is to put freedom first for all Floridians. Will you join him?

    For Freedom,
    Team DeSantis


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