DeSantis and tax increases – No wonder he wants the GOP to move past tax cut rhetoric

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis loves to play culture warrior and even this past week chastised other GOPers that “think their job is to cut taxes and not do anything else.” Sure, in one sense DeSantis is correct, because historically the GOP has been a johnny-one note party, something I’d condescendingly note in years past – that the GOP’s remedy for everything was always “TAX CUTS!,” although in Florida it was augmented with “school choice,” and “tort reform.”

But what DeSantis is also doing is projection – because in fact he has raised taxes more than any Governor in Florida history. DeSantis is a big government (faux) conservative in so many ways and taxes is yet another area. Heck he even boasted about his ability to punitively raises taxes as retaliation toward Disney. That’s not a very traditionally conservative giverning philosphy.

During his first term, DeSantis pushed out more than $1billion in tax increases on consumers. Now while DeSantis “pay-to-play” governing philosophy did lead to about $5 bn in tax cuts for targeted business per various analysis, the actual tax burden on Florida’s working class went up – and contributed to the cost of living crisis Florida is currently in the middle of.

The 2021 tax hike was favored by Florida’s retailers and business – who benefit directly from DeSantis policies including his tax cuts on business. While those businesses claimed out-of-state retailers had an advantage by dodging Florida sales taxes, what in fact has happened is that the working people of this state have been forced to foot the bill for businesses getting a huge tax break.

No wonder DeSantis doesn’t want the GOP to talk taxes while he plays faux populist.

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