The red wave election that has long been coming in Florida, finally came. For two decades, Florida Democrats have been dependent on national money and national help to keep the state competitive, and when left to their own devices have failed miserably. This election, was the first Florida Democrats had to run on their own, and the party’s performance is the worst in its history in this state and sire to be one of the worst in the nation today.

They’ve rejected expertise and opinions about the state that may take them out of their comfort zone. They’re chased away young talent and those who are hungry to engage voters. They have rejected analysis including from this site about the voter composition in Florida and what counties are important to mobilize voters. They quite frankly don’t understand human beings and voter behavior.

We will have a full inquest in the near future and are working on a long-term detailed analytical report about the failings of Florida Democrats over the last twenty years.

More from us tomorrow.


  1. Steve Schneider · ·

    I look forward to the scoop from the squeeze.

    And I liked the line about young talent.

    So, I’m left with this thought: Nationally, anyway, three young candidates for governor did well. We already know about the dude in The Sunshine State. But there are two other people Democrats may be able to learn from:

    Josh Shapiro bets tough message on crime, economy will outrun red wave in Pennsylvania | Fox News

    Who is Wes Moore? A look at Maryland’s projected 63rd governor-elect (


  2. We need, as has been said on this site, a plan, a strategy, an aim over and above a particular candidate winning.
    I hope that the deep dive gives us some ideas.


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