A day of Democratic disarray in Tweets

Much like in 2004, 2008 and 2012 (and I am sure more times, but those are the examples, that I recall offhand) the Democrats have had a star candidate for a highly competitive seat either drop out right before qualifying or after the deadline.

In 2020, the GOP stole a State Senate seat with an elaborate fraud scheme which has now led to multiple indictments. That seat, won by 30-some odd votes by Senator Illeana Garcia, who has proven an embarrassment should be the Democrats number one focus this election year outside statewide race. But guess what? Suddenly, the Democrats don’t have a candidate with qualifying two weeks away.

Here is how it unfolded:

So then local A-list celebrity, filmmaker Billy Corben weighed in-

Then this…

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  1. Great work putting this together, Kartik.


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