NYC v Florida – DeSantis will rack up yet another W

New York Mayor Eric Adams may have just made Ron DeSantis an even bigger juggernaut in the Sunshine State. DeSantis specializes in attacking elites and western democracies abroad, New York and California while pushing racially & gender-coded rhetoric that even Donald Trump would not get away with.

Adams decision to place advertisements on billboards in many Florida cities promoting LGBTQ+ residents of Florida move to New York (as a counter to DeSantis’ attempts to get those who don’t like vaccines or masks to move from NYC to Florida) may benefit the Mayor at home but will also help Governor DeSantis down here.

From the City of New York

Three plus years into DeSantis’ governorship, it’s pretty clear that Florida’s Governor only picks fights he can and will win. Bashing New York, elites and implying they don’t share the cultural values of Floridians has to this point worked for the Governor, who now per the latest polling holds an impressive lead for reelection over any prospective Democratic challenger.

Playing cultural demagogue and emphasizing how Florida is “different” than areas populated by coastal elites is the Governor’s go-to strategy. In this case, he’s been given an assist by New York’s Mayor, who also happens to be African-American and we know how DeSantis’ has subtly exploited race as an issue particularly in 2021 & 2022 (evidence: Congressional district veto message, “Stop Woke” act press release from the Governor’s office, DeSantis unprecedented stalling at calling special elections in districts which are majority African-American) without ever uttering an overtly racist word. But the message is clear to his base, so he could very easily do the same to Adams (ironically a former police officer who ran to the right in the Democratic Primary he won), calling him “woke” or an “elite,” or “someone who doesn’t share our values” or something of the sort. It will work.

After all DeSantis has made Governor Moseley’s pro-slavery motto his own now, even tweeting it during the State of the Union address by President Biden.

For those who forget, I wrote this in December:

Moseley, a Democrat was a slaveholder who defeated the more seasoned, moderate and respectable Richard Keith Call, a Whig at the time to become Florida’s first Governor after statehood. Call has been a Governor during Florida’s territorial period. Moseley’s victory over Call was unfortunate for the new state and set Florida on a course to be a radicalized bastion of slavery, secession and violent racism for the next hundred years and change.

Moseley’s ideology was a combination of state’s rights, pacification of the Seminoles and hoping to extend slavery into the territories or new areas that would be conquered by the US. His flag’s slogan “leave us alone” was a clear message to the Federal Government and northern Abolitionists, to stay out of Florida’s business and allow slavery to continue to thrive in the new state.

So basically all of this is a roundabout way of saying, Mayor Adams has just likely handed Governor DeSantis another political “W” which only improves his standing among many Floridians.

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