Poll: Is Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis more dangerous?

I’ve made my case over the last few months that I believe despite everything horrible that was associated with Donald Trump’s candidacy and Presidency, the more focused, disciplined, inflexible and outright autocratic Ron DeSantis represents a more mortal threat to the Republic should he become President.

Interestingly since I floated that notion I have had many people say “you’re right, DeSantis is worse,” but of course the majority of people I speak to think I’m crazy. Anyway, here is your chance as readers to sound off. Vote in the poll and discuss in the comments sections. You also have the option to choose “A Democrat” being more dangerous, though I personally wouldn’t consider that option :).


  1. In Florida it’s DeSantis

    Not very accurate to ask on a Florida site

    But I would vote DeathSantis is the death of America as we know it every day

    Guy has no respect for dissent or law


  2. I’m right · ·

    Where is the option for Greg Abbott?

    Between DeSantis and Trump it’s DeSantis but Abbott is worse than both!!!


    1. Where is Abbott · ·


      Abbott is certifiable.

      Don’t forget Colonel Allan West!

      Now he’s the real winner of this sort of poll!


  3. Patti Lynn · ·

    Right now, Trump has not only a national, but an international audience. He has stated that, “Should he decide to run, DeathSantis would drop out.” Trump is a clear and present danger, as, his followers believe everything that he says. Many Republicans support him only to avoid being “primaried.” DeathSantis does not, at this time, have that support or influence.


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