DeSantis dangerous attacks on the media intensify

A month ago we discussed the spin cycle Governor DeSantis has in place working with various portions of the right-wing media ecosystem. A week earlier, we discussed DeSantis Press Secretary, Christina Pushaw an import from California, by way of Eastern Europe who had turned public information and communications into flat-out aggressive bullying online.

The last few days on Twitter, Pushaw’s online persona which never really changed took another dangerous turn. Evidence the tweets below.

While this sort of tweeting may simply be seen by many in the GOP as brevity or worse yet “owning the libs,” it’s potentially far more serious than that.

The Associated Press (AP) is a unique entity that’s indispensable in the western world. Their reporters risk their lives in war zones and the reports sent generated by AP writers both tell the story of much of the rest of the world to American readers but also provide incredibly valuable content for many daily newspapers, who on their own do not have the reach or resources to report on such matters.

Pushaw’s attacks on the AP could also put journalists in danger as a taxpayer-compensated government official in the United States is effectively making similar arguments in writing about the AP as dictatorships and military juntas do in other parts of the world. This pretty much confirms the sentiment of many of us have developed, that the alt-right in the United States does not value a free press despite all their droning on about “freedom.” DeSantis and Pushaw’s posture the last two months has taken a more aggressive posture to trying discredit the mainline media, while elevating alternate, slanted and biased publications like Townhall and the Daily Caller among others.

The usual DeSantis-styled projection is also evident as everything Pushaw accuses the AP and The Orlando Sentinel (a newspaper that endorsed a Republican for President as recently as 2012, by the way) of being are really the domain of the media she and her boss favors. Bias, slanted, agenda-based coverage and a disregard for the facts and reality.

It really is unacceptable.

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