Dr. Fauci is the new Ted Kennedy / Hillary Clinton for the right

The GOP has for the last fifty years always had a bogeyman they link Democratic candidates to. The list reads Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Howard Metzenbaum, Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and most recently Kamala Harris. But now someone who isn’t a politician or elected official at all seems to be the target of the right’s incessant whining and campaign apparatus – Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Governor DeSantis tweeted out this photo in June

Beginning in the early 1970’s an effort was made by the GOP, then a hyper-minority party on the state and local levels to try and nationalize elections by linking any Democrat to Ted Kennedy. By the 1980’s Jimmy Carter, Howard Metzenbaum and Jesse Jackson had become bogeymen that the GOP linked candidates for local office or Congress to. More recently it has been Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris, but in the last year, Dr. Anthony Fauci has emerged as a favorite target of Republicans.

It speaks volumes about today’s Republican Party that a public servant that has never stood for elective office and whose life has been dedicated to protecting Americans from infectious diseases would now be the ultimate GOP bogeyman. Fauci has since 1968 served our country as a medical professional working in government, developing an expertise and dedication to public service few in the modern United States can boast- and that threatens today’s grifters and those whose motivation is to demagogue and to promote conspiracy theories and undermine science.

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The use of Fauci as the new Ted Kennedy could boomerang if as anticipated, the Delta Variant continues to spread at the rapid rate we’re seeing currently.

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