Pan Am II: A History

A brief narrative of history of the second version of Pan American World Airways is coming to these pages in the near future.

The second Pan Am which flew from 1996 to 1998 was based in Miami and had a Florida-heavy route map (as indicated below).

Any reader questions or thoughts about Pan Am II, feel free to leave in the comments section below.

One comment

  1. When the first Pan Am went bankrupt it’s Miami based flight and crew training center was actually spun off into an independent entity and allowed to continue to the Pan Am name for the purpose of third party crew and pilot training. The Pan Am flight academy still exists on the Northside of Miami International Airport.

    There is a later to come of course third incarnation of Pan Am in a combined freight railway-airline combination. The third incarnation is more a New England story and a somewhat interesting one at that(The third Pan Am was the product of wannabe railroad baron and Mellon family scion Timothy Mellon who was more prominently known for attempting to replicate Florida East Coast Railway’s labor-management strategies in New England but which blew up in his face in the 1980s). Anyways the Pan Am name in the very near future might be returning back to Florida as Mellon has entered into an agreement to sell all of his business assets including the rights to the Pan Am name to Jacksonville based CSX railroad.


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