#COVID-19 fallout: International airline service to/from Florida in June (May 24 update)

This week’s update includes sad news about TAME, Ecuador’s state-owned carrier which is being liquidated. Fort Lauderdale was the last destination served in the USA by Tame.

TAME takeoff at FLL By JTOcchialini – https://www.flickr.com/photos/jtocchialini/16025370535/, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37302137


Miami- Moscow (SVO) SUSPENDED (normally 4x weekly)


Miami-Mexico City Once weekly effective June 15 (normally once daily)

Orlando-Mexico City Twice weekly effective June 15 (normally 10x a week)

Aer Lingus

Miami-Dublin SUSPENDED (normally 4x weekly)

Orlando- Dublin 4x weekly effective June 15 (normally 6x weekly)

Air Canada

Fort Lauderdale-Montreal once daily (normally twice daily)

Fort Lauderdale – Toronto 3x a week (normally twice daily)

Fort Myers-Toronto SUSPENDED (normally 4x a week)

Miami- Montreal SUSPENDED (normally one daily)

Miami-Toronto SUSPENDED (normally twice daily)

Orlando- Montreal SUSPENDED (normally once daily)

Orlando- Toronto 3x a week (normally twice daily)

Tampa- Montreal SUSPENDED (normally 10x weekly)

Air Europa

Miami-Madrid SUSPENDED (normally once daily)

Air France

Miami-Paris (CDG) SUSPENDED (normally once daily)

Miami- Port Au Prince 3x weekly (normally once daily )

Air Italy

Miami- Milan (Malpensa) AIR ITALY HAS SHUT DOWN AS OF APRIL 16.


Miami-Rome (Leonardo DaVinci) SUSPENDED (normally once daily)


*Avianca filed for bankruptcy this past week

Fort Lauderdale-Bogota SUSPENDED (normally 2x daily)

Miami-Barranquilla SUSPENDED (normally 1x daily)

Miami-Bogota 1x daily (normally 3x daily)

Miami-Cali SUSPENDED (normally 1x daily)

Miami-Medellin SUSPENDED (normally 1x daily)

Orlando-Bogota SUSPENDED (normally 2x daily)

British Airways

Miami- London (Heathrow) SUSPENDED (normally 3x daily)

Orlando- London (Gatwick) SUSPENDED (normally 13x weekly)

Tampa – London (Gatwick) SUSPENDED (normally once daily)

Caribbean Airways

Fort Lauderdale- Port of Spain 4x weekly (normally once daily)

Miami- Port of Spain 3x weekly (normally 6x weekly)

Orlando-Port of Spain once weekly (normally once daily)


Fort Lauderdale-Panama City SUSPENDED (normally once daily

Miami-Panama City 2x weekly effective June 25 (normally twice daily)

Orlando-Panama City 2x weekly effective June 25 (normally twice daily)

Tampa-Panama City SUSPENDED (normally once daily)

El Al

Miami-Tel Aviv 2x weekly (normally 4x weekly)


Fort Lauderdale- Dubai CANCELLED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 1 (normally 4x weekly)

Orlando- Dubai SUSPENDED (normally once daily- scheduled to resume August 1)


Miami-Amsterdam will resume on October 25


Miami-Warsaw SUSPENDED (normally 5x weekly)


Miami-Frankfurt 1x daily effective June 15 (normally 1x day)

Miami-Munich SUSPENDED UNTIL OCTOBER (normally 1x day)

Orlando-Frankfurt 1x daily effective June 15 (normally 1x day)

Orlando-Tampa 1x daily effective June 15 (normally 1x day)


Fort Lauderdale-Barcelona SUSPENDED (normally 3x weekly)

Fort Lauderdale- Paris (CDG) SUSPENDED (normally 4x weekly)

Fort Lauderdale- Oslo SUSPENDED (normally 4x weekly)

Miami- London (Gatwick) SUSPENDED (normally daily)

Orlando- London (Gatwick) SUSPENDED (normally 6x weekly)

Orlando- Oslo SUSPENDED (normally 3x weekly)

Tampa – London (Gatwick) SUSPENDED (normally 3x weekly)

Qatar Airways

Miami-Doha SUSPENDED (normally 6x weekly)

Royal Air Maroc

Miami-Casablanca SUSPENDED (normally 3x weekly)


Miami service will resume in October


Miami-Managua-San Salvador Daily resumption June 1


The Government of Ecuador is liquidating the state run carrier.

Fort Lauderdale was the airline’s last US destination.


Miami- Lisbon 10x weekly (normally 2x daily)


Miami-Brussels SUSPENDED (normally 3x weekly)


Miami-Istanbul (Havalimanı) 4x weekly (normally daily)

Virgin Atlantic

*All these flights are now scheduled to resume at some point. Orlando service to/from London will switch to Heathrow

Miami- London (Heathrow) SUSPENDED (normally once daily)

Orlando- Belfast (Int’) CANCELLED FOR SUMMER 2020 (Previously once weekly)

Orlando-Glasgow SUSPENDED (normally 4x weekly)

Orlando- London (Gatwick) SUSPENDED (normally 12x weekly)

Orlando- Manchester SUSPENDED (normally 10x weekly)


Fort Lauderdale-Toronto SUSPENDED (normally once daily)

Orlando- Montreal SUSPENDED (normally 3x weekly)

Orlando-Toronto SUSPENDED (normally twice daily)

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