Audio: TFS writers discuss President Trump’s Syria attack

By U.S. Navyderivative work: The High Fin Sperm Whale – Tomahawk_Block_IV_cruise_missile.jpg, Public Domain,

In the near future here at TFS we’ll be bringing you a regular podcast that is downloadable on iTunes and Google Play. In the meantime, Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer are recording audio discussions on various topics of interest. Below we have a spirited discussion on Syria and in the coming days we will release similar discussions on 1) North Korea, 2) the threat to civilian rule with Trump’s fondness for military advisers and 3) the Florida Democratic Party.

Listen below to hear our thoughts on:

  • Trump’s unprovoked military attack on Syria, the geopolitical fallout.
  • The impact on Russo-American relations.
  • Trump’s uneven and impulsive reactionary nature pushing this attack.
  • The motivations for why Trump would adopt a policy closer to Hillary Clinton’s than his own.
  • Did the Democrats hysterical obsession with Russia contribute to the Syria attack?
  • How Trump’s decision to unwisely intervene in Syria impacts the need to build a coalition to contain the far more serious threat to American security that North Korea poses.

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