We are the opposition party here at TFS – The future of our site


We at The Florida Squeeze happily embrace the role of opposition party to President Trump’s megalomania. We are all too painfully aware that the Democrats don’t fill the proper role of an opposition party when out of power (as history has proven time and again nationally while we live it everyday here in Florida) so we are launching a new effort beginning tomorrow to call out Trump’s lies and deceit while holding elected Democrats accountable when they cross party lines or duck the responsibility endowed in them by the voters.

Because we are redoubling our efforts to bring content to you at this critical time we will begin taking donations on this website. We don’t have the corporate or big donor backing of other progressive sites and through the years have generally shied away from selling ads or doing anything that compromise our objectivity. But since opportunity costs exist for our writers who will be devoting more time to researching and writing compelling pieces we will soon launch a Pay Pal button to take donations to the site from our readers. This will also help us tidy up the editing and loose ends of the site that do annoy us as much as they do our readers!

Stay tuned for details on that and thanks to all our loyal readers for the patronage and support they have given us over the past four years. We look forward to continuing to serve you in the next four years.


  1. dianecbrown · ·

    Kartik, now I remember why I quit reading your trash for the past year. You love to beat up on Democrats for no good reason. Anything you can invent to make us look bad. Do you really think that most of those millions of Americans protesting Trump are not Democrats? Who do you think they are – disenchanted Republicans, or Libertarians? I still think you should go back to calling soccer.


    1. We are speaking specifically of some Democratic elected officials who just might cross party lines and cast bad votes. No one is speaking ill of the millions of Democrats and progressives – the silent majority in this country that is rising up. We’re dedicated to progressive issues and a values based party – policy and issue positions matter not just the party affiliation of the elected official or party official.


      1. Thankfully you hold the GOP lite legislators accountable. I am glad someone is not just getting bing them a free pass. I hope you live up to your word to keep them accountable.


  2. This site is great

    I have always wondered why you wouldn’t take donations.

    Being totally pure probably has bankrupted you.


  3. barbara miller · ·

    I’m in. With the lack of coverage inTallahassee, it will be important to have an entity reporting on those who are not promoting our democratic values. Tell me where to send a check.


  4. i will continue to read your blog. I find it interesting and informative. Since I have a few bucks that are discretionary, keeping you going would be a pleasure with a donation. I will be watching, however, to make sure you don’t waver.


  5. This is the first blog I have ever wanted to donate to. Please keep up the good work. We need well reasoned, calm, rational articles. This mass hysteria is not doing us any good.


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