Update on letter to Indian PM RE: Trump refugee action

In my letter to Indian Prime Minister Modi penned earlier today, I had included the United Kingdom as a culprit in Trump’s act and urged reciprocal Indian action against the UK as well. At the time of the writing, the assumption was that Prime Minister Theresa May’s government was either passively opposing Trump’s action or indifferent. Former English soccer star and current BBC presenter Gary Lineker (Who occasionally does work with NBC Sports hosting documentaries about the Premier League) spoke out with a series of tweets this morning echoing the established view of UK policy. Lineker for those who do not know has been a vocal critic of the UK government’s unwillingness to accept more refugees from the Middle East and has articulated that racism was a driver of the policy.






Subsequently, PM May has come out against the Trump policy and therefore, if I receive any reply from the Indian Government I will drop the UK from my request.


  1. The “hatred” provoking argument does not work. (and WHO CARES about the indian government? – get real!) A boxer withholding a punch from fear of provoking anger from his destructive, weaker opponent is not a winning boxer. Same applies to other sports – “team” as well. Unfortunately the liberalist entitlement party IDems) and its unrealistic (although idealistic) followers fail to realize the extent of the problem caused by unfettered immigration. Laws must be enforced, and a moratorium over a short term is not as extreme as it may seem, given the amount of time the failed policies of the Obama adminstration have been in place. His attempt at “fundamentally changing the country” by depleting her, day by day, will take time to correct – even what appears to be extreme action will be necessary. Anyone speaking against Obama was deemed a racist by many Dems and they cannot seem to avoid namecalling instead of watching and learning from the historic PRAGMATIC PROBLEM SOLVING our new President is engaging to enforce the laws of our nation and stop the bleeding of our fine nation. Godspeed Mr. Trump!


    1. Then target the nations the terrorists come from and that fund them.

      Saudi Arabia

      Strangely I didn’t see ANY of those countries on this list.

      The sum total of American civilians killed by terrorists born or reared or funded by those nations since 1995 = over 3,000.

      From the nations trump listed? None.

      Both parties have to answer for this, but we need a policy that makes sense. Until the racist Gulf States are targeted by the west for their role in the rise Islamic fundamentalist behavior nothing will change.


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