Trump’s refugee ban: My letter to the Indian Prime Minister urging counter-action against the US & UK

Prime Minister Modi,

As an American citizen of Indian origin, I take pride in what my home nation offers in way of leadership for the nations outside the west or the orbit of the American Empire (dba United States of America). India has for seventy five years proven a shining light for the oppressed people’s of the world. I believe in Gandhian tactics, but tough diplomacy when confronted with a bully like the American President Donald Trump.

As India is the world’s largest democracy and the nation with the world’s second largest Islamic population I would urge the Republic of India to consider the following in relation to the United States travel ban which is supported by the leadership of the United Kingdom.
1- Ending the issuance all tourist visas for citizens of the United States of America and United Kingdom who are not of Indian origin until the United States formally revokes its Executive Order banning the intake of refugees from certain Muslim-majority nations.
2- Expulsion of all US and UK passport holders who are not of Indian origin and are on tourist visas within the next 30-45 days.
3- Requiring all American companies doing business in India to divest 51% of any Indian subsidiary business.
4- Warnings about the potential recalls of the Ambassador to the US and High Commissioner to the UK.
5- Expel non-essential US embassy and UK high commission personnel and threaten the expulsion of the Ambassadors.
Of course I don’t believe this will happen. But if I were you PM Modi, these reasonable and sensible actions could be taken to bring pressure on the Donald Trump Administration in the United States. India has the largest economy of any nation with a large Muslim population and Mr. Trump himself has many business ties to the country. India should be using that leverage. Thank you for your consideration, sir.

Kartik Krishnaiyer

Your Registration Number is : PMOPG/E/2017/0056801


  1. Fisher Fleming · · Reply

    A good illustration of where a certain worldview — let’s call it the “belligerent jackass” approach — will take us in the near future. It’s instructive not just as to where our “Series of Unfortunate Events” fluke Presidential election is taking us, but as to a fundamental failure to appreciate why you can’t be a jackass in general, just because you’re frustrated, or scared, or a Republican.

    You can’t go it alone. It’s fine to be independent-minded. Good, even. But contrariness and belligerence are something else. The world is not beholden to the U.S. We are not, in fact, “No. 1.” Not unless we earn that distinction by actually doing the right thing.

    Trump was not the right thing, no matter how frustrated people are with the status quo. Sure, we wanted “change” eight years ago, and we got some “change” but not all that much change, and not all the right change. But if you don’t like the way the airplane is being flown, the solution is not to put the three-year-old with the soiled diaper, whose been screaming randomly the entire flight, into the cockpit. That’s not the kind of “shaking things up” with which you want to experiment.

    If we pout and throw tantrums like an obnoxious child (or a country run by one) we will be a pariah. We will be the marginalized country everyone shakes their heads about. We will get nowhere and achiever nothing and be the villain or the laughingstock (or a bit of both) of the planet. We only have so much credibility and so much goodwill. Money and military might don’t confer the right or even the ability to defy the norms of decency and common sense.

    It’s interesting to see the political fantasies of middling-successful business executives and real estate brokers, usually chortled about in the men’s rooms of overdecorated steakhouses, finally brought to life. “It’s all so simple. Just stick it to everybody, hohoho. The immigrants, the foreigners, the slight variation on your own religion-ers. Kick ’em out. Torture ’em. If they don’t like it — too bad — what are they going to do?”

    Well here’s why you don’t run a modern industrialized country like the real estate empire you inherited from your racist Dad. Almost seems like we wouldn’t need a demonstration, but we’re going to get one, starting right now.


  2. […] In my letter to Indian Prime Minister Modi penned earlier today, I had included the United Kingdom as a culprit in Trump’s act and urged reciprocal Indian action against the UK as well. At the time of the writing, the assumption was that Prime Minister Theresa May’s government was either passively opposing Trump’s action or indifferent. Former English soccer star and current BBC presenter Gary Lineker (Who occasionally does work with NBC Sports hosting documentaries about the Premier League) spoke out with a series of tweets this morning echoing the established view of UK policy. Lineker for those who do not know has been a vocal critic of the UK’ government’s unwillingness to accept more refugees from the Middle East and has articulated that racism was a driver of the policy. […]


  3. God speed donald trump! Take our country back!


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