Open thread: President Trump and the TPP

By Electronic Frontier Foundation [CC BY 3.0 us (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Electronic Frontier Foundation [CC BY 3.0 us (, via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump today unilaterally pulled the United States out of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). This unilateral action and the potential of Trump invoking a Brexit-like article to abrogate NAFTA have spread fear this afternoon among many. How do our readers feel about Trump’s actions?

Given the Democrats conflicted views about Free Trade, this seems a good opportunity to have a dialogue. I’d add the caveat that I believe Trump has handed China a major victory that will allow them to increase economic/influence pressure over their neighbors with this action (The US can leave the TPP but not in this brash manner the first working day of a new administration), though I realize that is a minority view among Democrats.

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  1. Barbara Bingnear · ·

    I’m sorry but I’m angrier about this: Donald Trump Signs Anti-Abortion Executive Order Surrounded By Men.


  2. Pure and simple, anti-trade voters no longer trust Democrats. Trump has hijacked the issue for the Republicans. The Democrat never used to have a problem with this…then came Clinton. That is one of the reasons that people didn’t trust Hillary on TPP. Yes, I agree with you on TPP, and that China is really happy with this outcome…which might explain why the Shanghai Composite was one of the only major indexes to see gains today. Still, Republicans have ownership of the issue now.


    1. I’m generally anti- Free Trade agreements also (and as readers of TFS know I felt Brexit would be okay for the UK but now am not sure because May isn’t Cameron as far her resolve to maintain some Europeness) but am concerned that the brashness and quick nature of Trump’s actions gives China an upper hand. Trump MUST soothe our Japanese and Australian allies ASAP before they fall into China’s orbit economically.


      1. Trump…soothe….lol 🙂


  3. mike coleman · ·

    Trump is traveling down a dangerous road using an antique map as his guide.

    Few people surrounding him have life experience in looking out for the broad interests of an entire nation.
    Their experiences have revolved around producing profits for business enterprises operating in a narrow range of action designed to satisfy their own best interests to maximize profits.
    Yesterday’s quick unilateral decision set fire to bridges under construction without regard or time to analyze the ramifications.
    This world is full of traps and Trump doesn’t display any understanding of what is truly best for the US.
    This act narrows economic relations as it is a step toward closing a dynamic economy without informing the nation of clear plans detailing how the action will actually work and how it will benefit our Nation.

    Unfettered trade has caused the US a number of economic ills but it has been Tax Policy that caused most of the problems our nation faces.
    The 1981 Reagan Tax Cuts began a period of governmental stewardship that effectively wes a reverse mortgage on the combined wealth and economic health of our Nation.

    The modernization and upkeep of our Education system, Infrastructure and ultimately the Middle Class’ individuals wealth has been effected as a result.

    Just as the aging owners of a house with a reverse mortgage might patch a leaky roof instead of replacing it, paint over rotting wood and stop using a bathroom needing new plumbing our nation has acted in the same manner.

    Our government has acted like that aging homeowner forestalling needed activity as they await the inevitable.

    Nations are not like people, they can never afford to coast into the infinity of death and Donald Trump cannot be allowed to be the Grim Reaper of the USA who was elected with the most ironic slogan ever used.

    Trump sold “Make America Great Again” to a set of Voters, mostly White, mostly on the far side of 45 using images of a Smokestack Economy that once was.
    Along with fear, racism, anti women, anti Immigrant, and every negative method of denigrating those who stood in his way Trump eked out a technical victory in the Electoral College while 54% of Voters said no to him.
    The people who bought his bogus message were disengaged from the future as changes in manufacturing and technology rendered the economy they knew and depended upon modernized.


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