Poll: FDP Chair – Whom do you support?

800px-Florida_Democratic_PartyFlorida Democrats, who do you back for FDP Chair?



  1. This poll is very premature. Most people have no idea who these candidates are, what their plans are, and how they will learn about them. This is not a popularity contest. It would serve you and your readers better to contact these people and ask them questions. A forum is being bandied about. Sponsor it and/or mediate it. Who the committeemen and women chose will effect the party for the next 4 years and possibly longer.


  2. Roy Trachtenberg · · Reply

    I don’t know enough about the other candidates. But what I do know is that I do not want Alan Clendenin. He is a loser – lost Presidential, Governor, and his own election for Democratic committeeman.


  3. Corporate Crony Troll Alert.


  4. marc cooper · · Reply

    Karlos Marx


  5. Joan Killingsworth · · Reply

    don’t know these people – some facts about them would have helped to decide.


  6. Hillary Keyes · · Reply

    Want to learn more about Leah and Lisa. I hope to be able to support one of the folks who did not have to manipulate the rules or play games to be eligible.


  7. Anyone willing to fire the whole FDP staff and hire people with winning records. There is no excuse to keep the losers who continues to lose us seats and Governor mansion.


  8. Susan Mah-Leung · · Reply

    Need more information about these persons to make the best decision about them.


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