Poll: Should progressives care about the FDP’s direction?

DNCMany progressives have felt the deck is stacked against them with regards to internal party matters for sometime now. With the ongoing FDP Chair’s race providing high drama with little semblance of common sense in the mix, is it time for progressives to walk away from the Florida Democratic Party and focus on outside organizing? We’ll have much more on this idea in the coming weeks, but initially it’s important to simply get a sense of where our readers lie on this matter.



  1. Patrick J. Fowler · · Reply

    Those who want a more decent society should organize outside the parties whether or not they choose to remain members.


  2. Herb Shelton · · Reply

    I have come to realize, especially after this disastrous election, that we need to form a coalition of progressives and non profit groups who hold dear the value of environmental rights and human rights. 75% of Floridians voted for clean water in 2014, and 73% voted in favor of clean energy in 2016. This vast pool of coters, right and left, value common sense policies. And most love safety nets over corporate profiteering and weapon building. These forward thinking ideas should be paramount, an umbrella of committment over a coalition or association of forward thinking groups.


  3. […] For quite a while, people have been wondering if Florida Democrats should create a “shadow Florida Democratic Party”? With Stephen Bittel moving closer to winning the FDP Chair position, the question becomes even more salient. Both progressives and those outside of the Tallahassee Bubble feel that they have been left out in the cold. As a result, Democrats continue to lose throughout the state. Even The Florida Squeeze is asking if this should be an option. […]


  4. Like it or not, the political party structure is here to stay. We progressives need to fill the County DEC precinct committee allotments and run for leadership positions to affect change from within. Doing otherwise would marginalize our movement.


  5. As long as the nation remains a “two-party” system of government you must choose one team or another. Progressives organizing outside the FDP/DNC is fine but why not do both? Certainly we can walk and chew gum at the same time,no? The GOP is playing for keeps now and I think they sense blood in the water. Let’s enjoy the holidays then get cracking in ’17. The fate of the Republic depends on it.


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