Publix like Disney isn’t worth admiring no matter how Floridian they appear…

256px-publix_logo-svgPublix is the Florida store…or at least now is seen as such since the Burdines brand died. Floridians have come to view Publix as a bit of a statewide institution, something which is truly our own. The company which is admired for being employee-owned and regularly cited as a “happy” workplace has a darker side to it. The Miami New Times has a great article listing all of the company’s issues and why conscientious Floridians can shop at Publix but still not adore the company.

It’s worth noting Publix also has about as strong a lobbying effort at the local, county and state levels as any other company in the state. So perhaps we are programmed by those we elect to believe Publix is the Florida stores and an indispensable statewide institution? We can feel the same way about Publix as we do about Disney which most progressives in this state patronize (if they patronize Disney at all) while holding their nose. Or we could even think of Publix as just a bigger  and prettier version of Winn Dixie – a Florida based supermarket chain that sells groceries and has lots of locations throughout the state.

The LGBT discrimination Publix has engaged in has been fairly high profile. But other incidents involving the supermarket chain are adding up and undermining the carefully crafted image the Lakeland-based company has cultivated over many years. Again, the article from The Miami New Times summarizes it better than I ever could.


  1. Hipster dude Ianelli: Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s- trash them-forget where working class shop.


    1. Who is hipster dude lanelli?… forget where? did you mean we’re?… I have tried reading your comment even out loud a few different ways and can’t make any sense of it!


  2. Moving to Tampa has been a real disappointment grocery-wise. I am dismayed at the narrow choices offered in produce and seafood especially considering Tampa is a coastal community, it seems Floridians only eat seafood at restaurants, because they aren’t apparently buying enough of it to cook at home that the supermarkets want to stock much.

    As to publix specifically, My main beef is their own brand of produce is often, and I mean OFTEN, terribly flawed. Potatoes with so many bruises healed over cut marks, that I’ve resorted to ALWAYS peeling them because I don’t trust what may lie inside the skin. I could write many paragraphs on other produce as well, but I’m sure you’d all fall asleep.

    I didn’t know publix was employee owned… I know only they, it seems purposefully, don’t have a facebook or other public forum to take feedback.

    Disney… what can any of us say there. If you believe baynewsnine it’s a treasure. if you listen to baynewsnine, you know disney is too cheap to hire americans, and has not yet spent any money on chain-link-fencing to contain their free range gators.


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