How Trump got Establishment Democrats to help him steal the election

screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-10-18-52-amDemocrats made some horrible miscalculations during this election cycle, but some of us are currently showing an alarming tendency to blame the only people who aren’t culpable — the voters.

I understand the emotional satisfaction of lashing out at those perceived to have let us down, but it’s a counterproductive exercise to aim anger at voters. It’s our job is to mobilize voters, not use them as scape goats. So why not be honest about how the party failed the electorate?

There’s one failure that stands out among all the rest, and that’s the dismissal of the potential for a stolen election.

It was sheer arrogance to ridicule Donald Trump’s preemptive “vote rigging” rhetoric in an era of massive voter suppression, and long-time exit polling discrepancies. Since the stolen election of 2000, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in voter purges, caging, and problems with electronic voting machines — including a built-in ability to turn off audits of vote totals which was used in Ohio this year.


Did it not occur to anyone when Trump complained about election rigging, that he might be the one with his hand in the cookie jar? What better way to steal, than to convince the victim that theft is inconceivable? Is it so difficult to imagine that he didn’t already have Republican Governors and Secretaries of State helping him purge voters and short-change voters of early voting sites?

These problems were there for everyone to see, and yet the party chose to ridicule the very idea of election protection.
The most obvious explanation is that the party heaped scorn on issues of integrity because they thought they had the election in the bag. But it’s just as likely that Democratic tampering in the primaries made it impossible to protect our franchise in the General.

Perhaps if we weren’t in such a hurry for Hillary Clinton to collect her keys to the White House, we might have noticed that she wasn’t the only person with a stake in this election. The voters deserve free and fair elections. And yet, cycle after cycle, evidence of election fraud is derided as if people are reporting alien abductions.

When the entire Dem establishment attacked Trump’s concern trolling that the vote in 2016 might be rigged, we effectively shut the door on being able to investigate ANY irregularities. This is a direct insult to voters who expect their franchise to be protected regardless of who is winning.

I find it peculiar that Ohio disabled their auditing ability on electronic voting machines in a year when hacking was such a giant concern. We know thousands of DEMOCRATIC voters were purged during the primaries, and yet we dismissed the idea that voter purges could hurt us in the general.

Exit polls are the means by which election integrity advocates around the world determine if votes have been stolen. And yet in the United States, since the 2000 election, we’ve dismissed exit poll discrepancies in the form of massive “red shifts,” as if they’re some kind of tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory.


  • Read about how the election was stolen through “Crosscheck” purges here.
  • Read Greg Palast’s year-long investigation for Rolling Stone, “The GOP’s Stealth War Against Voters,” here.
  • ReadCode Red: Computerized Election Theft in the New American Century” for more information on hacking the vote.
  • Listen to an interview with the author on election blogger Brad Friedman’s The BradCast here and here.


The people packing their bags for the White House make Bond villains seem bashful. You don’t think they would go to any length to get their tiny little hands on all the levers of government? Imagine all the money at stake: Social Security, transportation, infrastructure, environmental regulations, education, healthcare. We somehow trust that people like Scott Walker and Rick Scott to play fair with all this money up for grabs?

I’d love to take up residence in a utopia where the worst among us wouldn’t dream of stealing stuff.

Florida is one of three states with a Republican Governor, in which exit polls and the election result were wildly inconsistent. With our track record under Jeb Bush — remember Kathleen Harris — you’d think that the party would be keenly interested in how Rick Scott and Pam Bondi (who took $25,000 and already has a position secured in the Trump administration) might goose the numbers. It’s an open secret that they have both been heavily courted by Trump for cabinet positions. Since when do we trust Rick Scott and Pam Bondi to do anything above board?

How do you think Trump would react if these numbers were reversed, and his exit polling showed inconsistencies with the result in states with Democratic Governors? Turning a blind eye to election integrity alienates our voters by sending them the message that we’re not interested in protecting their vote.

It’s time we took a stand, not for the candidates, but for the voters. If the party expects us to donate, volunteer and vote, then they should damn well fight for our vote to count. If the voters have no confidence that their party is willing to fight for their vote, then there’s no reason for voters to believe that the party would fight for our policy interests once elected.

For a quick reveiw of voting irregularities in 2016, please watch Greg Palast and Mark Crispin Miller interviewed by Lee Camp on Redacted Tonight:


  1. Summary: Outstanding on target analysis of elections fraud 2016.

    Sign and Share: People of the State of Florida v. Rick Scott, et al. the Justice Department.

    Contact Now: United States Justice Department


  2. Summary: Outstanding on target analysis of elections fraud (2016).

    Sign and Share: People of the State of Florida v. Rick Scott, et al.

    Contact Now: United States Justice Department.


  3. John Green · ·

    […] tendency to blame the only people who aren’t culpable — the voters.

    The ‘choice’ of D. Trump for POTUS can be attributed to our unconstitutional Electoral College system that omits the electorate and therefore their votes. Hillary, the lesser of two evils, won the popular vote, sir Donald took the prized E.C. that as a body had the power to not instate this mad oligarch wannabe king and dictator. Therefore I blame every member of that bogus body, THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE who cast their vote for this lunatic and for not sparing the American people and the world from this crazed maniac when they had the chance.

    The fact a white supremacist fascist rose through the ranks and is now leader of the (cough-cough) free world can also be blamed on complacent corporate establishment Democrats, who asleep at the wheel, allowed the rise of the teabaggers that enabled all the destruction they’ve visited upon us.


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