January 2017 – Marco Rubio’s America


Editor’s note: We’ll be running a series this week looking at the state of America each January during the potential Rubio Presidency

Florida’s major daily newspapers appear united in saying Marco Rubio is the best choice for the GOP nomination for President. This sort of parochialism would be logical if Rubio had actually done something worthwhile for the state in his time as a US Senator representing this great state of Florida. Instead, Rubio has duped our state by using it as a springboard for his uncontrolled ambition and willingness to say or do anything to be elected to the highest office of this land.

Since the mainstream media and GOP establishment are united in their desire for a Rubio Presidency let’s explore what our country might look like as President Rubio wins up his term in January 2021. This week we will have five parts to this series all on the Rubio progression as President.

Having been selected as the GOP nominee after a brokered convention where the top two candidates in terms of delegates and primary votes (Donald Trump and Ted Cruz) were deemed “unelectable” by party bosses, Rubio is nominated. Another Hillary Clinton scandal opens the door for a Rubio victory in the fall (This scandal likely won’t exist but we had to concoct a scenario where Rubio whose weakness is obvious somehow becomes President after being anointed by GOP power brokers).

President Rubio after taking office in January 2017 moves immediately to work with the GOP Congress to rescind the Affordable Care Act. In his inaugural address to the nation he talks of an “American Restoration,” as the legitimacy of his Presidency restores the “dignity of the office” and urges the states to lift any and all restrictions on gun sales as Americans need to protect themselves from ISIS. It’s ironic that while Rubio doesn’t trust law enforcement to protect American citizens from ISIS, he mocks the #blacklivesmatter movement in his speech saying all lives matter and finally saying that while his predecessor Mr. Obama deliberately weakened America, he will not press charges of treason or sedition since he wants to “unite America,” behind his conservative values. Still he makes direct reference to President Obama weakening the country even after the outgoing President demonstrated the dignity and class Rubio has claimed he lacked in how he handled the inaugural.

The national media, eating out of the hands of the American messiah, comments about how his election and elevation to the Presidency has restored American pride and many pundits predict that the topsy-turvy world of the Obama years has come to an end – America’s global rivals respect President Rubio and fear American power. This neoconservative worldview which is popular among the corporate bosses of many media companies becomes the basis for discussion of American foreign policy.

The next part in this series will focus on the state of America in January 2018 after a full year of a Rubio Presidency.




  1. it should be clear by now that Rubio has no chance. He probably won’t drop out until 3/16, but he has no chance


    1. We’re going to keep going until it’s official he’s out.


  2. Rubio did not even complete Senate term which should have been a dream job for someone interested in the common good. First Mel M. doesn’t complete, then Rubio. What is it with these guys?


  3. Rubio started in the Fl House as a decent guy, but quickly learned that the way to get power and money, was to lie, cheat (used RPOF credit cards for personal use , and we all know that was “Payola”) and he does as the money bosses demand. A puppet head that can memorize. A senator who doesn’t show up to work. If it were not for Meek, Rubio would never be in that the senate seat. He is not worthy of anyone’s vote. he is no Public servant !

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Gretchen Thompson · · Reply

    I don’t recall anything he has done as my Senator.


  5. This should be a fun and scary series!


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