Jeb’s Trump & vets hypocrisy

Jeb Bush claims to have a consistent “conservative” ideology. This week, he attacked Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump for his ridiculous words about Senator John McCain, a former POW in Vietnam. But in Bush’s statement released via Twitter, he rightly indicated that all veterans deserve respect.


But considering Jeb Bush just ten years ago took another approach toward veterans, his hypocrisy is on display for all to see. Never before in the proud history of our nation had a draft-dodger been able to use an opponent’s military service AGAINST them. But that is exactly what George W. Bush did to John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential Election, thanks to the infamous “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.”

Bush’s younger brother Jeb, serving in his second term as Governor of Florida not only approved of these slimy tactics but used his official gubernatorial stationary to express his gratitude. Bushtoswiftboaters

For Bush, the hypocrisy never ceases.


  1. Max Cleland


  2. InsiderMyself · ·

    Jeb is a hypocrite! And he used taxpayer funded stationary for the governor’s office to write that. If Jeb is the more serious candidate, why is the media not talking about Jeb thanking the swift boaters for slandering Kerry? Jeb was a governor at the time! Trump is just a bloviator!


  3. This is another example of the MANY instances of Jeb using his office as Governor, in a direct conflict of interest, for blatant, partisan personal gain!! Just as he stopped the counting of hundreds of thousands of Florida voters’ votes in the 2000 Presidential election to STEAL the White House for his unqualified brother–a crime against every voter’s right to have their vote counted!


  4. Hypocrisy doesn’t mean squat to an American conservative – hypocrisy is ingrained in their slash-and-burn campaign tactics – look what they did to Vietnam war veteran who is a triple amputee, Max Cleland when he was a US Senator representing Georgia – can you believe that the conservatives minimized his outstanding service despite his loss of both legs , one arm and part of his remaining hand they had the balls to deny his patriotism – c’mon the conservatives ran – and won – with a non-veteran Saxby Chambers – so much for the highly and often touted southern adoration of veterans – and they did the same crap again with their swift-boat campaign against a three-time winner of the coveted Purple Heart Medal – yeah, these southern conservative really love their veterans – HA!


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