Marco Rubio says President Obama has “no class? More on Rubio and the GOP’s “class” argument

Democratic President never have “any class” according to partisan ideological Republicans. Bill Clinton never should have played the saxophone on Arsenio Hall, Jimmy Carter never should have given an interview to Playboy and now President Obama. Florida’s Junior Senator was quoted in regards to a question about Donald Trump by Fox News saying:

“We already have a president now that has no class. We have a president now that does selfie-stick videos, that invites YouTube stars there, people that eat cereal out of a bathtub.” “It’s important to have a presidency that restores dignity and class to the White House.”


Determining who has class is a highly subjective matter. But Republicans have made a living out of trying to marginalize Democrats as having “no class” although surveys continue to show over time those with more education and more worldly experiences tend to vote for Democrats over Republicans. President Obama enjoyed an even greater advantage then previous Democratic Presidential candidates among those who were well-educated, well-read and well-traveled.

Lift_Cuba_embargo_by_Latuff2Rubio on the other hand has made his living as a politician by taking pot-shots at others in office and pushing a strict ideological agenda. Most recently, Rubio put his own interests above the state he represents and the nation he seeks to lead by making a number of damaging statements about the improving state of US-Cuban relations. Rubio’s ideological zeal on this particular issue is far from the mainstream of thought here in Florida or nationally. It’s fine when you believe in something to go to the mat on it, but Rubio’s grandstanding on the issue and claims he will block any Presidential nominee HURTS our nation’s ability to improve relations with a neighbor and HURTS the ability of the state he represents to reap the economic benefits of the type of free trade Rubio favors with other nations across the globe.

This positions might be applauded by some ideological allies of Rubio, but others see it as inconsistent with conservatism. Senator Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) one of the most economically conservative members of Congress has long advocated lifting the Cuban embargo and has traveled to the island himself. Why? Trade and economic development that benefits the US.

Class is a subjective term, but Rubio has demonstrated none of it when it comes to multiple things, most recently the opening with Cuba. A real leader would understand the needs of his constituents and even if a lonely defiant stand was needed, not hold up things that benefit the country as a whole based on a personal crusade.

Florida’s Junior Senator has demonstrated that he lacks the ability to reasonably debate certain issues in a civil way, constantly taking pot-shots at his opponents especially the President. Some could interpret that as lacking “class” as well.


  1. Ron Baldwin · ·

    Oh come on now. The embargo has had only 50 years to get rid if of Fidel and his gang. I predict that in another century or two both Fidel and his brother will no longer control Cuba. .


  2. hancockross · ·

    Class warfare.


  3. […] 1- White identity politics and cloaked racist appeals to white working class voters. On this DeSantis isn’t much different than every conservative Republican candidate that’s run statewide  in Florida recently. In 2016, we extensively chronicled Marco Rubio’s use of racial code to promote himself both for President and US Senate.  DeSantis picked up some of the themes that have made Rubio the most popular elected Republican in the state, but unlike Florida’s Junior Senator, Congressman DeSantis’ clumsiness in trying to play the race card exposed him in way most GOPers, particularly Rubio haven’t been. For example, Rubio has never used the term “monkey” though many of his attacks on President Obama were cloaked with racial innuendo though many in the media seemed oblivious to this or just didn’t understand what he was saying.  […]


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