Kartik’s Monday Musings: Patrick Murphy, Coral Reefs, Fla Dems Rules Reform

The musings from  Katy Burnett @BurnettKaty  will appear shortly in another post.

While much has been made in the past few weeks including on these pages about a need for a progressive challenge to Congressman Patrick Murphy in the 2014 US Senate Primary, it appears that few if any big names will actually step up to the plate for this race. So once again Florida Democrats will almost certainly nominate a perceived moderate who is a male for yet another statewide run against a conservative Republican. Personally, I would rather see a progressive, preferably a female progressive like Congresswoman Kathy Castor run and be nominated. The untested statewide male/moderate formula has not worked before for Florida Democrats, but Murphy might be different. First off, he’s emphasized local issues including the Indian River Lagoon clean-up which cross party lines and he is from a part of the state that has not provided many Democratic statewide candidates. Also he is a much younger candidate than those fielded before. On the down side, he doesn’t really come across as a fighter. Murphy likely begins the race as an underdog to any Republican, but should he be nominated, perhaps he will give Florida’s Democrats something different. Only time will tell though if he is in fact really different.  – KK @kkfla737 


The LA Times had an excellent story this morning about the cost of coral restoration off the coast of South Florida. It’s well worth a read and a reminder that even when Climate Change is not an initial cause of problems, it often exacerbates already established ecosystem issues. – KK @kkfla737 

Last week, we ran a story that was well read and circulated about the potential rules reforms within The Florida Democratic Party. The “one county, one vote” idea which we oppose has its proponents both in urban and rural counties. Another solution could be a hybrid of the current setup, “one county, one vote” and the use of legislative districts might be the most logical compromise. Still another option could be the use of the current weights, but enlarging the committee to allow for more representation and diversity. But one thing that can be firmly established is that while the rules of the Florida Democratic Party have an arcane and illogical feel to them, the correlation between these rules and the consistently poor electoral performance of Democrats in this state is minimal if any.    – KK @kkfla737 



  1. Bruce Borkosky · · Reply

    re: Murphy – well, at least we will have SOMEONE to vote for (as opposed to the Rep running unopposed)


  2. Still early, even for party to be dropping hints who they will be backing. IMO


  3. Jonathan · · Reply

    The FDP statement was totally uncalled for. They are trying to squeeze the primary field down to one very subtly. Grayson a non-starter but I LOVE Kartik’s Castor idea. I had not really thought about her, but she would be good.


    1. dianecbrown · · Reply

      Who is Pam Keith? Never heard of her.


  4. I still don’t understand how people can make the argument that rules reform isn’t helpful. Many party leaders from urban areas including several from Central Florida have at least partly felt that there should be more representation from smaller counties. The counties we don’t winning are the counties we need to focus on. Simply reinforcing our base and party elections is a losing formula.


  5. Few over the Many · · Reply

    Murphy is bad news!


  6. Few over the Many · · Reply

    Shame on the FDP for that statement!

    Allison Tant – “Patrick Murphy is a champion for middle class families, and his commonsense approach to the tough issues facing Florida and our country has earned him praise from all corners. In Congress, Patrick has focused on strengthening Medicare and Social Security, standing up for our right to vote, protecting women’s rights, growing middle class jobs, and fighting for equal opportunity.

    “I am glad Patrick has joined the race for the Democratic nomination to challenge Marco Rubio. For five years, Rubio has put his partisan ambitions and Washington’s wealthiest special interests ahead of Florida’s middle class families. They deserve better.”

    Sounds like an endorsement to me. Why does the FDP even put out a statement? Did they do that when the candidate Policitsscrutiny101 mentioned jumped in?

    Really really stinks to high heaven. This is all part of the rhetoric Kartik talks about regarding “moderate” candidates who are pro-business even though they have no data backing up that they run better.


  7. What did Tant have to say about Pam Keith? I hope this isn’t another case of the party shoving a candidate down our throats.


  8. Democratic Operative · · Reply

    FYI from Politico:

    “Murphy’s voting record could hurt him among liberal primary voters. He was once a registered Republican and he contributed money to Republican Mitt Romney in 2008. Murphy explains his past GOP affiliations as a result of joining the party because it was his dad’s. But, he said, he became a Democrat after witnessing the rise of tea-party conservatism. He said he donated to Romney because at the time, Romney had been a pro-choice and pro-gay rights Republican.”


    1. dianecbrown · · Reply

      It is hard to believe that Murphy was not following Romney before he gave him money. His statement to Politico does not match Romney’s timeline on these issues. Politifact said he opposed same-sex marriage from at least 1994. Romney made it very clear in a 2007 interview on Meet the Press that he had always opposed abortion and acted on those beliefs when gov. of Mass. He spoke in support of reversing Roe v. Wade.


      This is straight from the article:

      But despite making policy overtures to gay voters, Romney consistently drew the line at gay marriage, even as far back as 1994.

      Romney: “But he does not feel at this time that he wishes to extend legalized marriage on a same-sex basis, and I support his position.”

      Then, in 2003, when the Massachusetts Supreme Court opened the doors to same-sex marriage in the state, Romney supported a constitutional amendment that would have banned the practice.

      Romney maintained his opposition to same-sex marriage during the 2008 Republican presidential primary campaign, saying at one Iowa event that he’s fought same-sex marriage “every way I have known how to, and the fight isn’t over,” according to the New York Times.

      In a Sept. 14, 2007 interview on MSNBC, Romney said, “I have not changed my position on the marriage amendment or anything else related to marriage.” We have found nothing to contradict this view. While Romney in 1994 offered relatively liberal views on some policies of importance to gay voters, he never went so far as to support same-sex marriage. In fact, he spoke out against the idea — and took actions to stem it while governor. Romney has been consistent on this. No Flip.


      GOV. ROMNEY: Well, you know, Tim, I was always personally opposed to abortion, as I think almost everyone in this nation is.

      “But each law that was brought to my desk attempted to expand abortion rights and, in each case, I vetoed that effort.”

      On a bill on authorizing, as Romney described it, “creating new embryos for the purpose of, of research and then destroying them….that I simply could not be part of an effort that would cause the destruction of human lift. And I didn’t hide from that change of heart. I wrote an op-ed piece in The Boston Globe, described my view that I am pro-life, described why I had changed to become pro-life.”

      MR. RUSSERT: Do you believe life begins at conception?
      GOV. ROMNEY: I do. I believe, I believe from a, from a, a political perspective that life begins at conception.

      “First of all, my view is that the right next step in the, in the fight to preserve the sanctity of life is to see Roe v. Wade overturned”


  9. Blue Dog Dem · · Reply

    Rules reform one county one vote must happen.

    Murphy the best bet for Senate.


  10. Tampa Bay Demo · · Reply

    Castor would be a dream but she won’t run.


    1. Mark Lynn · · Reply

      Castor will want to make a move one of these days, I don’t see her as a congressional “lifer”. Still, she is probably going to be prudent in choosing when & what to run for. I’ve already stated my preference for her in the upcoming Senate race. Part of my reasoning is that we can easily hold her House seat with somebody like ex-Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio. We don’t really have that luxury in the Murphy district, although if Jeff Clemens made a move (literally) that situation would change.


  11. True Blue · · Reply

    The one county, one vote idea is fair and balanced. It gives everyone equal representation and does not give a specific person more standing than others in the room. It is a very good idea.


  12. The time has come · · Reply

    For the Florida Democratic Party to ever function efficiently, the rules of the party must provide for equal representation and harmony. The current weighted vote system favors a few individuals who are fortunate enough to live in urban counties. It is the most undemocratic thing ever. It must be changed and one county, one vote the fairest way to go.


  13. Clemens is too busy helping Republicans get elected. The guy is sick in the head too.


  14. The Observer · · Reply

    Somehow I see Burt Aaronson already on line behind Murphy waiting for his check. Another reason not to vote for this pretend Democrat. My father voted for Nixon, but I still supported the Democratic Party. Bad excuse Patrick. Sounds like something one of his handlers came up with.


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