Monday Musings: Rep. Moskowitz’s tax exemption bill, Gwen Graham meets progressives, Means of Ascent, Alachua DEC and Marc Caputo joins Politico

flsqueeze5Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Coral Springs) has filed a piece of legislation (HB 49) that would increase the amount of income that is exempt from corporate income tax. With this sort of legislative agenda you would think Rep. Moskowitz hails from a swing district where he must worry about Republican challenges and position himself accordingly. However, Moskowitz actually represents the House seat (excluding minority-access districts) where Charlie Crist got the highest percentage of the vote on November 4th. Crist won his seat by nearly 40 points. In other words, Moskowitz is the white Democrat with arguably the most Democratic seat in the entire House. Some legislators and Broward County politicos love to claim that the Florida Democratic Party does a bad job of everything, but when Democrats from the safest of seats file legislation that should be reserved for Republicans or Democrats from more marginal districts, it is hard to take any argument they make about the FDP or progressive causes seriously.  –  KK @kkfla737 

Over the last few weeks we have been covering the controversial votes of Gwen Graham and the dissatisfaction of the activist community. This weekend she sat down with activists and at least had a conversation and while little explanation was offered, she at least listened to the concerns of her community. I am continually interested to see the double standard that Patrick Murphy and Gwen Graham are held to. No one is demanding a meeting with Patrick Murphy or demanding answers for his votes, even though many of his votes were similarly controversial. While both are considered the future of the Democratic party, shouldn’t we all have the same standard? Why is Murphy given a pass? While Gwen Graham will continue to try to find the middle road, will she continue to take heat from the left in her district? These few questions will determine the future of the Democratic Party in Florida.  –   KB@BurnettKaty 



This weekend I spent some time rereading Robert Caro’s  Means of Ascent (The Years of Lyndon Johnson), which was published in 1991 and I first read a year or two later. The book which was the second in the epic thirty plus year running series, Robert A. Caro’s The Years of Lyndon Johnson Set: The Path to Power; Means of Ascent; Master of the Senate; The Passage of Power  chronicled the infamous Box 13 in Alice, Texas. I am a huge fan of Caro’s but one thing I never liked about this book is that it tended to lionize Coke Stevenson who had the 1948 Texas US Senate election (Democratic Primary which in the 1940’s south was tantamount to election) stolen from him by the forces supporting LBJ. Stevenson was a racist reactionary whose time as Governor saw him defend the all-white Democratic Primary (which was thrown out by the US Supreme Court) and helped the oil industry become more powerful than ever. The emergence of the likes of H.L. Hunt and other oil barons who funded national right-wing interests from Texas took place in Stevenson’s time as Governor. Stevenson backed Dwight Eisenhower for President in 1952 and 1956 becoming one of the first prominent Southern Democrats to back a Republican for President. LBJ, on the other hand Vietnam aside moved the cause of liberalism forward at least once he was liberated from working with Eisenhower’s Administration as Senate Majority Leader. Incidentally, one of my all-time favorite political figures Ralph Yarborough served alongside Johnson in the other Senate seat from Texas during Eisenhower’s second term. If Florida today had politicians with the courage of Yarborough, our state would be much better off.  -KK @kkfla737 


In the last email from the Alachua DEC, I was pleased to see both candidate and campaign trainings, along with precinct captain trainings. This is the time to start planning for these things. While many municipalities do have spring elections, 2016 is well underway and candidates should be gaining the skills necessary to run for office. Campaigning is not an instinctive sport and many Democratic candidates cannot afford the high-priced consultants, so these free trainings are necessary. When prospective candidates can get an idea about the demands of a campaign before-hand, they are better prepared and better able to put together an effective campaign. I hope to see many other trainings like these popping up around the state by summer! –   KB@BurnettKaty 



Last week I wrote about Miami becoming an epicenter of the new global media. That was reinforced this week as the indispensable Marc Caputo joined Politico which has suffered a rash of staff defections in recent weeks. The Miami Herald loses yet another political writer to the national scene. Caputo follows in the footsteps of former Herald political/legislative writers Beth Reinhard, Mark Silva, Peter Wallsten and Tom Fiedler who all left the paper for greener pastures. Caputo will stay in Miami but will now write for a national publication. Once again Miami is becoming the “new” New York.  -KK @kkfla737 


  1. Blue Dog Dem · · Reply

    It’s good to have Moskowitz and Katie Edwards from Broward. In the past the liberal bloc from Broward and Palm Beach could push the caucus agenda so far left that nobody could run in a competitive seat and win.

    Now our caucus is moving to the middle and that is good. Gives us a shot.


    1. You always complain that Democrats views don’t give in your part of the state. I get that totally and always have agreed on certain issues (guns being chief among them) some leeway needs to be cut for Democrats in rural areas. But you think it is fine for a representative to not reflect the values in the district he or she represents? Don’t the 48% of Floridians that voted for Charlie Crist deserve a voice? Doesn’t democracy depend on an exchange of ideas?


  2. Broward Voter · · Reply

    Moskowitz is strong. Daddy set him up well and he has impressed locally with his independent voice. He could go to congress or statewide someday. Same for Dave Kerner and Katie Edwards.


  3. Moskowitz is pathetic.


  4. Tampa Bay Demo · · Reply

    Caputo is funny but misses the mark more often than not. He won’t be missed.


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