Tracking gun legislation in Florida

gunshine stateI must admit that we see so much unnecessary pro-gun legislation in front of the Florida House these days that when a prominent Democratic State Representative contacted me this morning about the two gun bills  on the floor today, I was more interested in speaking about vouchers, gambling and immigrant tuition. Our views on guns have been well documented in the past, and while my colleague Ryan Ray and I often sit around simply laughing at the inane nature of the “Gunshine State” it seems we have gotten so accustomed to these floor debates and these types of legislation, and know exactly what each member is going to say that all of this has gotten quite boring.

Still it is important progressives and those interested in public safety hold the line on these issues and members are held accountable. That is why despite our interest in other issues in front of the legislature and the current ongoing crisis in Ukraine, we will be keeping an eye on all of these gun bills. Today, as noted above two gun related bills are on the floor including one which expands the ability to use the now infamous “Stand Your Ground” premise.

After this session, much like last year we will score the most prominent votes involving the proliferation of firearms in this state in our annual legislative ratings. We will keep our readers informed of each and every outrageous expansion of the ability to obtain, carry or use firearms in our state.

Thanks for reading and for those of you in front of a computer and free,  you can watch the live floor debate now. 

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