TFS Pod 10: Pinellas County Legislative Seats


On this week’s pod we take a close look at six key legislative races in Pinellas County. The most competitive area over the last twenty years in State House races sees potentially five seats in play this cycle. Also we look at Senate District 22 currently held by Jeff Brandes. This seat is the most Democratic in the state in terms of top of the ticket performance currently held by a Republican. Ryan Ray and Dave Trotter join host Kartik Krishnaiyer for this 45 minute trip down US 19.

We also hit the following topics:

  • Charlie Crist’s potential impact in his home county if he is the Democratic nominee for Governor.
  • Is Rep. Carl Zimmerman really already a goner?
  • Rep. Larry Ahern-  How does this conservative Republican keep getting elected from normally moderate Republican territory?
  • Chris Latvala is unbeatable, or is he?
  • Is Rep. Dwight Dudley,  the Democratic superstar that could secure a district that has flipped between the parties five times since 1996?
  • Has Rep. Kathleen Peters failed attempt to move to Congress weakened her standing?
  • Jeff Brandes, beatable? Apologies in advance for Kartik’s ranting and raving about the Democrats leaving this seat open in 2012.
  • Much much more!

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Next week we’ll preview Polk, Hillsborough and Pasco counties on the pod.

You can listen to previous podcast episodes here. 

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