A History of Race and Florida Politics

Over the next week, the Florida Squeeze will be publishing a series of articles looking at the history of African-Americans in Florida politics in the wake of the Trayvon Martin verdict. The series will not be in chronological order and will discuss different events and eras in Florida Political History regarding race.

Look for the first installment tomorrow.



  1. Don’t blame the conservatives for inflaming this issue after you write these articles. You do nothing but bait race, class and outsiders vs insiders on this site. You have no right to attack any conservatives or moderate dems. The Trayvon Martin trial which had NOTHING TO DO with race was baited by people like you and Dave Trotter writing about how florida is racist and all about guns also. You have no conscience and are a reckless law to yourself.

    Do you really think you are doing a service constantly attacking on these issues making Democrats unelectable to the majority of white voters in the state?


    1. Are you fucking serious, dude? I think you are doing a disservice by actually making your backward-ass opinions known.

      Let’s put it this way, if my fat WHITE ass was walking in Zimmerman’s apartment complex that night, would he have followed me? Hell no! If you don’t think race was part of it, you are as ignorant as your post, or you are just a racist.

      And, if you are a conservative, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU A DEMOCRAT?!?!?!? That is just retarded, dude!


      1. Proud parent of a daughter who happens to have DS · ·

        Even ass-backward Florida recognizes that using the word retarded has negative connotations. Please refrain from using it on this blog.


      2. Get over it. On the other side of the argument, liberals have to get out of their little PC world. Makes them look like a bunch of pansies that nobody wants to vote for!


    2. Tony - a true voice of reason · · Reply

      I agree. This site and its liberal counterparts have made race and guns the issue. My feeling a true Democrat, one who has been a Democrat longer than all these “limousine liberals” and gun haters, is that we need more guns for law abiding citizens. Trayvon Martin was a PUNK, a wanna be gangster. Zimmerman was out of line in that he should have backed off when the cops told him to on the phone but still carrying a gun keeps people safe.

      It is a shame the Democrats have chosen to highlight the gun issue. For years Democrats in Florida knew it was a losing issue in this state. Since Kartik is such a historian how many times did Askew or Chiles push gun control? How many Florida Democrats voted against the unconstitutional Clinton/Gore gun measures? How many Democrats voted for Bush over Gore in 537 vote difference election because of Gore’s stand on guns?


      1. Hey, there is a party for you, it is called the GOP. I recommend you go there.

        Sorry that we aren’t going to be the gun-toting backward rednecks who look at their sister and say “she’s mighty fine” and then lynch a black man for lunch just for the hell of it. Conservatives have a history of racism, being gun nuts and crazy in general. Yeah, you might have been a Democrat back in 1800, when Thomas Jefferson thought it was alright to screw slaves, but you aren’t today. Live in the present, buddy! The way you talk, I assume you still conduct long-distance communication by pony or carrier pigeon, right?


  2. demdaysi · · Reply

    I don’t make judgments. Please listen to the “comments” Zimmerman made to the police dispatcher before he confronted Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman’s own cousin even said. he stopped him because he was black.


  3. Look I am not a racist I would never presume to make any assumptions about people based on race. Ever you cannot deny that your ilk has moved the party away from its base of voters voted for Democrats consistently in Florida by emphasizing issues of race and most importantly guns.

    You always give us history and numbers , all kinds of numbers flying this one on for size without the blinders guns and the race being played as issues by Florida Democ
    rats meant John Kerry and Al Gore failed to win the presidency.

    You and Trotter constantly take shots at North Florida saying it is meaningless and insignificant but in a swing state like Florida every vote matters you know that Gore lost in 2000 because of North Florida.


    1. Gore…Kerry…but you never mentioned how Obama, who is black and liberal, won the state twice while getting his ass kicked in north Florida. Ah, selective thinking is as bliss as ignorance, isn’t it? 🙂 Oh, and another little note…..Gore vs. Bush was 13 years ago…..Obama vs. Romney was one year ago. Aaahh, ignorance…….just like a Bisto package!

      Really, north Florida is THAT important? What is the difference between getting the votes for Gore to win out of Orange County compared to North Florida? Here is where your logic is absolutely flawed:

      1. More people in Orange County are liberal, thus we only need to turn them out to vote. North Florida voters are more conservative, thus we have to first convince them THEN get them to turn out. More work.

      2. Central Florida houses are literally feet next to each other, whereas north Florida houses can be up to miles away from each other, which means organizing north Florida will take significantly more time and money.

      3. Numbers. More people in Central Florida, not in North Florida.

      4. If you focus on trying to look more conservative, then the amount of votes you lose in south and central Florida is higher than the votes you MIGHT get in north Florida. Remember the whole “you have to convince them” argument in #1. Ask Alex Sink how this “we are going to win Dixie County” strategy worked.

      5. More local candidates to work with in state and local races, as well as more organized DECs, which, again, leads to less work.

      Face it, those in north Florida never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give a reason why we should target north Florida, they just say “we have to”. The small-mindedness of Florida Democrats to say “we need to do this” without thinking of the consequences is the reason why Florida Democrats are, again, a joke nationwide!! The only reason that you constantly say “target north Florida” is because you are on the brink of being obsolete, and you don’t like that. Well fucking boo-hoo!

      21st Century thinking, math, intellect and actually understanding how voting actually works (when one candidate has more votes than the other) will lead you to a path of enlightenment. But, of course, I am asking people like this to be enlightened, which is asking a lot!


  4. Dems forever · · Reply

    Race whether you like it or not is the basis of a lot of our politics both national and state wide. Wow you made the case that the Democrats do not lose nationally because of race and that’s probably true in the north in the south the ship to the Republicans has been because of race those of us who love the Democratic Party wish we could deemphasize race short reach out to African-Americans but don’t make them the kings of the castle. They can be part of the Big Ten and they have every right to be part of the big tent but they can’t rule the tent the way they.


  5. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about these comments.


  6. I hate to say it but trotter is right!


    1. Of course I am. If you all listened to me during the FDP Chair’s race, Florida Democrats might have someone worth a shit as chair. Still, cronyism and small-mindedness loses out to intellect and common sense when it comes to Florida Democratic politics. Always has, always will. Which is, again, why Florida Democratic politics is Americans retarded red-headed cousin with Tourettes. While it might be funny, it is also pretty sad.


      1. Oh crap, I said retarded, red-headed AND Tourettes all in one sentence!!! I think the PC police are sending the black helicopters to get me. Wait…….what is that I hear in the background? RUN!!!! 🙂


      2. I’m a lib on most things…guns, women’s rights, marriage equality, environment, regulation but I don’t think that every Dem should feel the same way as I do on EVERY issue. Trotter, I think you have balls to say it how you see it but demanding that someone who self identifies as a dem should join the GOP isn’t helpful. We should accept people’s varying views and try harder to recruit more Dems into the party. An example would be Hispanic voters…we desperately are trying to recruit and keep them in the fold but typically they r very pro life based on their religion. Why tell them to get the fuck outta here BC of one thing? Same w white northern floridians. Why tell white, NRA members to go fuck themselves too?


  7. Michael · · Reply

    Florida is our home abs floridians should defend Florida. Race is not an issue here. Obama’s wins prove that.


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