Governor Rick Scott should veto HB 655

Governor Scott made an effort publicly to expand Medicaid coverage in Florida but as we learned recently he made little effort to push the House to his position on this issue. Now HB 655, a bill which strips local governments of significant control over such issues as earned sick time is in front you. It is ironic that the legislators talk about the need for “uniformity” in laws when the Republican Party has long advocated that government closer to the people is more equipped to make decisions on matters such as this.

The Governor, despite his big money and disappointing first two years in office has an opportunity to create a legacy here and win the Health Care fight. Scott is a political outsider, not part of the old boys club that has long dominated the legislature, and while his governing philosophy had previously been to align himself with this group of cozy and entitled insiders, he has shown signs of promise this calender year. Scott has stated he believes in local control and has publicly advocated expanding health care coverage for Florida’s working families.

This bill provides the Governor with a unique opportunity to win a battle on one of his stated priorities. It is also gives him a political opportunity to put some further distance between himself and an out of touch legislature. A veto would enhance the Governor’s re-election credentials and indicate to some potential voters that he has grown in both independence and stature over the past few months.

If you believe the Governor should veto this bill, sign this petition which will make a strong point to Rick Scott as he ponders his next move.


  1. Kathy · ·

    Agree. Those that voted for it are out of their mind.


  2. ERT 145 · ·

    veto coming I sense!


  3. John Smith · ·

    NO veto.. This is the rightlegislation to keep the State moving in a positive direction toward economic growth. Governor has enough intellect to understand that..


    1. It’s ridiculous especially for people who advocate local control rather than big government. It’s nothing but a power grab by the Tea Baggers in Tallahassee selling out to Darden (Olive Garden & Red Lobster) and Disney to keep paying workers pathetically low wages and forcing them to work when they are sick because they won’t have a sick day with this bill.
      Meanwhile, at the same time, these same Tea partiers complain that these same people who are working forty hours a week should get off govt programs, which they are trying to do, yet they are preventing them from getting paid a livable wage. It would be liking telling someone to climb to the ceiling after you cut the rope they are climbing on.


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