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The American Revolution in Florida

We learn as young children in school about the American Revolution and the “fight for freedom” of the colonists in the 13 “original” colonies. But we learn very little about the 14th and 15th British colonies south of the St Lawrence River, colonies like Quebec to the north of that river which were acquired in […]

Throwback Thursday: Queen Anne’s War and the British siege of Pensacola

HISTORICAL NOTE: I REFER TO PRE-1707 ACTIVITIES AS “ENGLISH” AND THOSE FROM 1707 ONWARD AS “BRITISH” DUE TO THE ACTS OF UNION BETWEEN THE ENGLISH AND SCOTTISH CROWNS THAT WERE ENACTED IN 1707.  This week in 1707 the second British siege of Pensacola was lifted.  It was culmination of hostilities between the English and the […]

Flashback Friday: Siege of Pensacola lifted

We had previously discussed that  in 1707 the first English/Creek Indian siege of Pensacola was lifted and the Spanish remained in control of West Florida. This was part of the hostilities associated with Queen Anne’s War.  We discussed the siege of St Augustine in April 2013 when the British came dangerously close to taking East Florida. […]