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House Democrats side with polluters and go missing on environmental protection

Last week the House passed Rep. Jimmy Patronis’ HB 999 by a 98-20 vote (19 Dems voted no, 1 Republican) despite a lobbying appearance from former Governor and Senator Bob Graham. HB 999 is a bill that would strip  protection from thousands of acres of wetlands across the state and prevents Environmental groups from suing […]

Zest of the Day: ALEC Pushing Fracking Bill in Legislature

Anybody who has watched the critically acclaimed documentary Gasland knows what a threat fracking poses. Unfortunately, ALEC the most influential body on the Florida Legislature has once again asserted its will and we have a dangerous fracking bill on the House floor today. This is a model bill distributed both by  (ALEC), as first revealed […]

Kurly’s Kommentary: Enough already: America needs new dialogue & a scientific fix to abortion issue

By Steven Kurlander kurly@stevenkurlander.com Like the predictability of the change of seasons, social conservative GOP representatives in various State Legislatures have proposed a number of bills in their latest legislative sessions that would restrict, hamper, and even ban outright abortions in their states. Those same “conservatives” that seek to keep government small and as non-intrusive […]

Zest of the Day: Springs revival languishes in Legislature

A MUST read today from the Tampa Bay Times on an issue I have highlighted for some time. Florida’s Springs one of our greatest natural resources and perhaps the biggest driver of tourism to the Big Bend region of the state.

Zest of the Day: Zero Job Growth In Florida Among Small Firms

Despite the continued talk of a recovery in Florida and the claims by the GOP Legislative leadership that they are creating small business jobs, growth numbers remain stagnant in Florida according to the Sun Sentinel. This is coupled with the continued failure of Republican legislators to attract large companies that stimulate economic growth to the […]

School “Choice” Part I : The Agenda and History Behind Vouchers

Editors Note: Today we begin a three part series on School “Choice” legislation.  This week Senate Democrats all but conceded defeat in the fight to stop the infamous “Parent trigger” bill since the dynamics of the Senate have changed with moderate, free thinking Republicans replaced Jeb Bush left the Governor’s office over six years ago, […]