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The DeSantis map – The Voting Rights Act, Fair Districts Amendment, African-American representation and the coming legal hurdles

Powerful Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s latest congressional redistricting map has taken center stage in political circles this week as Florida’s legislators gather in Tallahassee for a special session called by the governor to consider whether to adopt the new map. This the latest and most brazen map yet submitted by Governor DeSantis and his team […]

TFS + – DeSantis congressional map proposal quick thoughts

Last night, a proposed Congressional Map was submitted by the Executive Office of the Governor to the legislature. This map is the clear GOP gerrymander the national party wanted and the Florida Republicans had to this point failed to provide. More over at TFS+.

Redistricting: So far, not so bad

The 2022 Redistricting process is underway in Florida and while secrecy has dominated the proceedings, causing fear among people like me (I am a believer new district lines should be drawn by staff or commissions or courts – NOT by elected representatives), the early returns are more positive than I thought they’d be. As I’ve […]

FL Supreme Court does the right thing in redistricting case

The Florida Supreme Court — sometimes derided as a highly partisan jurisprudential backwater — deserves immense credit for keeping our much-mocked home state mostly decent of late. In December it issued a thoughtful opinion establishing  a proper balance between constitutional principle and the popular will when it took up a pair of redistricting cases known […]